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  1. Their ships will be empty if they make it more difficult for older people to travel especially if they have existing health issues. It will not be easy filling cabins for a world cruise .
  2. I read the article on Face Book this afternoon. Surprised no comments
  3. I am also interested.
  4. We think the food on Oceania surpasses all other cruise lines. I have sailed approx 20 times with Cunard and many with Celebrity. Oceania has superior seafood and steaks. We have not sailed Queens Grill however on Cunard.
  5. That was my understanding. Thank you.
  6. At the moment we do not have a choice - there are only concierge cabins left. We only like mid ship location. . Are you certain concierge gets 2 trips to each speciality restaurant. That would be very nice. We are on a 7 day cruise.
  7. I assume an executive lounge is for the suite guests only?? We would have enjoyed reading the papers actually. I thought with the refurbishments that a concierge lounge might have been added on Sirena.
  8. Thank you. Disappointed no concierge lounge . That sounded like a nice perk for concierge passengers.
  9. We are not new to Oceania - 4 cruises however we are new to concierge class - no other staterooms were available mid ship. . We are sailing on Sirena January 6th cruise from Miami. I thought I read that Sirena does not have a concierge lounge does anyone know if this is so. Also are there any shade areas on the spa deck we have special access to.
  10. I will thank you. My husband is quite bad from motion when on the higher decks. He has a hard time in the Polo grill unfortunately as it is his favorite restaurant.
  11. Looking again at the deck plans. I see the problem with a lower deck. Most of the cabins are insides also the life boats take up a lot of space on deck 6. We prefer a balcony. Hoping the sea is calm?
  12. January 6th Miami - Miami
  13. Thank you for your advice. I will ask the travel agent again regarding a location move. At the time of booking 7031 appeared to be mid ship but now not so sure.
  14. We are also on a January cruise in 7031. Does any one know how stable Sirena is. My husband has problems with motion sickness also. Travel agent does not have any lower deck cabins available.
  15. We have sailed on both ships and several cruises with both Oceania and Celebrity. There is no comparison between the lines. . The Edge is mass market - loud music - crowds of people and not so great food and way to many specialty restaurants. We thought The Edge was closer to a Royal Caribbean ship. . The Edge is more suited to the 40ish crowd - we are mid to late 70s. Regatta is a very elegant ship. Soft music - great food and few passengers. I was told by staff that Celebrity is trying to attract younger passengers that like to gamble drink and enjoy noisy evening shows. If that is your style you will have a great time . If you like to relax and enjoy super food - love the lobster tail lunches - then Regatta wins.
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