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  1. While Covid numbers are on the rise in many states and parts of Europe, here in California we are seeing the benefits of masks and social distancing and the numbers are down considerably. I'm not certain if a vaccine will be available in quantities such that we can get it prior to April 2021 (first responders and healthcare workers will be first in line), but given that my wife is 65 and that we have booked travel, I think that will help us get higher in line to get the vaccine. If we don't get the vaccine and Viking allows the cruise to go, we will travel. The wearing of masks and social distancing is effective. We are fine if Viking restricts passengers to self-contained pods with tours and no self-touring. Remember that much of the positive cases at the moment in North America are due to young people failing to follow proper protocol.
  2. California property tax isn't bad if you have owned for a while. Our condo in Pasadena is approximately the same worth as brother's house on a lake outside of Portland Maine and sister's house in Nyack New York. Our taxes are 2/3 of brother's and 1/3 of sister's. Of course I have owned since 1995 and we downsized at 55 and took our valuation with us which means our property taxes are half of what a neighboring unit is. The ballot initiative in November is to get commercial property go through revaluation on a periodic basis. For instance there are large properties such as hotels which if they have not had a taxable remodel, are currently taxed based on forty year old valuations with a 2% maximum inflator. Large property owners transfer property into a separate corporation prior to selling property such that when the property is sold, it does not get revalued from a tax perspective because from a tax perspective, it hasn't changed hands, the parent corporation was sold but to the state, the same corporate entity owns it. An example is what I heard in a program and I might get this wrong but the Riviera Country Club pays less property tax on the huge Country Club property than it does for a building on it which was constructed just a few years ago. My property taxes are about $4,000 on my $800,000 condo, I'm not complaining
  3. Our April 18 Venice to Istanbul Journey is still listed on our MVJ with a payment due date of October 20.
  4. I'm a bit more optimistic about our Venice to Istanbul cruise the end of April 2021. While pockets of Europe and US have had upticks, here in California things seem to have gotten much better in terms of infection and death. We have to pay for the cruise the end of next month and we plan to. We are only six months into the pandemic and I am confident that in eight months we can cruise on Viking, we might have bubble excursions, but that is fine for me. I think there is an 80% chance that our cruise will go.
  5. We continue to enjoy life in Pasadena, California. More so now that the good places to eat have expanded outside dining. I did travel last month to Colorado. My son got married, but with the Covid risk, my wife who is higher risk did not go. I drove. Day one Pasadena to Fuita and Day two to Denver. I took my time staying rural on my return. Return Day 1 Denver to Leadville with excellent ice cream in Buena Vista. Day 2 Leadville over Independence Pass into Aspen and a hard left at Carbondale to Delta and then 50 miles of dirt road to Nucla and then further west and north to spend the night in Moab. Day three north to I-70 for a bit and then through Capital Reef and south through Escalante spending the night in Panguich. Day three through Cedar Breaks and picking up I-15 in Cedar City stopping in Las Vegas for a Covid test (negative) and home that evening. This is a hot time of year to explore Utah and if it had not been so hot I would have gone south from Moab and cross the river by Ferry at Hall's Crossing but that is another trip. I might do an explore interior southern Utah in October/November, this is a camping trip and I don't like camping in hot weather. Camping in hot weather is like my cruise on Norweigon in 1992, a bit primitive and uncomfortable
  6. Touchy? You should try posting a contrary opinion on Next Door! I commented about my wonderment as to why intercollegiate sports are offered at Community Colleges and I pointed out how the UCLA baseball complex is located on VA land which was slated decades ago to house low income victims of battle.
  7. I have only bought travel insurance twice, when my mother was in the process of dying and I was traveling a lot to the east coast, I wanted to be able to cancel if problems arose and when we went to Paris in May 2019. I am 57 and wife 65. We will buy it in the future going overseas. Last year in Paris day one at the Arc de Triomphe, my wife mentioned a nice feature at the top of the Arch. I gazed up and backed up at the same time. There happened to be a stone step behind me and before I was aware, I was on the ground. My elbow was very sore to the extent that my wife had to cut my duck at dinner. I looked up the American Hospital on the internet and it was only 1 1/2 miles from our hotel. I walked over on a Saturday morning arriving at opening and within 90 minutes I was examined, x-rayed and given a sling, no break! My wife was still sleeping when I returned to the hotel. The bill was $400 which was reimbursed by travel insurance in less than ten days. I will add that I seldom wore the sling after the second day. We were on a Trafalgar Tour that began two days after my hospital visit. Day four of our tour I had overdone things with my arm and I wore the sling. The tour operator was aghast when he saw the sling. He had taken another tour member to the hospital for most of the day the day prior for a fall. He was relieved to learn that my fall preceded the tour and that I was smart enough to find medical assistance on my own.
  8. We are on the Ancient Adriatic Treasures Cruise on Sky which is Venice to Istanbul April 18-May 2 2021. We have the extension pre-cruise in Venice so that we can explore Venice and rest after flying from California.
  9. We have been watching the crime drama Marcella on Netflix and in season 3 they are at the H&F yard and in the background is a cruise ship. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. We are taking this same itinerary in late April early May 2021. We wanted to visit Turkey, but hate the thought of a bus tour, packing and moving every day or two. We then looked into a cruise and found this one. We didn't like having to wait until 2021, but with Covid, we are fortunate that we couldn't take it until 2021.
  11. Thanks for all the input. I like all types, wine, beer, and booze. I also like seeing that the prices for drinks are not outlandish and as such, I think drinking the provided wine and beer at lunch and dinner along with purchased cocktails will be our plan. I don't think my wife would have many days drinking more than one drink and given that both people in the cabin must purchase the package, purchasing drinks on a per drink basis likely makes more sense (cents) for us. Yes, I have a tendency to overthink everything when it comes to parting with money...except making the decision to book a Viking Cruise!
  12. I really appreciate the comments about the SSBP. We are going Venice to Istanbul next April and I have to say that I am on the fence given the reasonable prices on drinks, however I am intrigued about the better grade wines when you have the SSBP. I do think that I will drink more if I have the SSBP, but given the steam room and snow room, that will take care of issues relating to getting my monies worth. I'm grew up in Maine and I have scotch ancestry! Thank you
  13. That is a lot of driving. I grew up in Portland and went to school in Orono which is 2 1/2 hours north of Portland, Limestone I think is another 3-4 hours north and then it is quite a hike to Quebec City, which happens to be one of my favorite cities in North America
  14. We did a Hawaii roundtrip cruise from LA a few years ago. I love days at sea, but then again I like to read. I recall one afternoon deep into a book on the sofa. Read, nap and repeat
  15. I see that you are in Paso, a former colleague of mine owns Pear Valley Vineyards. I stopped to pick up a case on my way to Monterey last month and I stopped at Opolo on my return for another case. We have enough wine to get us through this period of odd
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