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  1. Cancelled on 3/19. Also told 7-10 days. Have not called again, since I've been reading that many people have been told 60 days.
  2. I called my CC card earlier. I was advised today to NOT pay the 3K. Interest will accrue, however, I was told that once the credit from HAL appears on my credit card, I can call the credit card company and they will refund the interest charged. They will only do that if you call. Once the full credit appears on my card, the 3K that is in "limbo" (for lack of a better term), will be negated.
  3. I have 3k sitting on a credit card waiting to be paid for an Alaskan cruise in June. I haven’t paid it and I won’t. I’ll take it up with the credit card company. I’m not letting go of anymore money at this point.
  4. I was told 7-10 days also for a full refund. Looks like it will be longer. My PIF is still sitting on my credit card. I haven’t paid it yet because the payment is not due until mid April. I’d rather not hand over any more money at this point. I may dispute it with my credit card company.
  5. Got through to big box TA. Not a bad wait at all. Apparently someone at TA dropped the ball. They were able to talk to HAL while I was on the line and cancel the cruise. However, than I had to speak to a supervisor at the TA because HAL didn't want to refund my deposit since on their end, it looks like I'm only canceling today. Since it was TA fault, TA is issuing me a check. We booked under the explorer 4 promo, so the deposit was quite low. When I log into my HAL account, the cruise is still there. I'll give it a few days and check back again. I will have to say, everyone I spoke to was wonderful, both at HAL and TA. Maybe we'll all learn something from this and be kinder to one another.
  6. Guess you got really lucky! HAL is now in the list of cruise lines that you can fill out the paperwork for. I might go that route too.
  7. I canceled on 3/8, 97 days out to guarantee a full refund. I have email from TA saying it’s been cancelled, and it no longer shows up in my bookings on their website. However, it still shows up on HAL’s website. I called HAL this morning and they said I have to go back to TA....on hold now for at least 3 hours. Anyone with a similar experience?
  8. Thank you for the responses. I’m not overly concerned; my PIF date was March 1st (to big box, but 3/13 to HAL). Right now the balance is just sitting on my credit card waiting to actually be paid by me (which of course I don’t want to do). I may just call the credit card company and initiate a dispute if I don’t receive a refund before the payment is due.
  9. As the title say, I canceled last Sunday through the big box TA. I was 97 days out, so opted for full refund. Received email confirmation from TA immediately and it was removed from my TA travel account. However, the reservation still appears on HAL's website. I haven't received any monies back yet. Should I be concerned about this?
  10. I wonder if it may be taking longer cancelling through a TA, rather than HAL directly.
  11. I cancelled through the Big Box TA last Sunday for an Alaskan cruise in mid June. Since I was 97 days out, I opted for a full refund. I received an email confirmation from the big box TA immediately, however, when I log into HAL's website, my booking shows that it's still active. I have not received any monies yet.
  12. I canceled our June 13th sailing just a few days ago for the very same reason. Firstly, I was more than 90 days out so could get a full refund. More importantly however, was thinking about the idea that we'd be cruising the inside passage to various ports, only to be told the ship couldn't dock. Although it was a trip we were very much looking forward to, Alaska will be there next year. Now what to do with our non-refundable round trip airline tickets to and from Vancouver....we had 3 days pre-cruise in Vancouver and than a 7 day cruise. Time to start investigating what to do now with our 10 days!
  13. I cancelled today 97 days out for that very reason. Even though we are both in good health, we’re more nervous about being quarantined than the actual virus. I wanted all of my money refunded. I want to be able to book again on my own terms. Fortunately, we were able to do that. I realize it’s not necessarily an option for those sailing in the very near future.
  14. We canceled this morning. We were 97 days out from sailing, so received a full refund. I'm sure we'll revisit cruising at some point.
  15. 3 hours later and we are cancelled with all money being refunded since we were more than 90 days out. Very easy phone call since we weren’t rebooking anything. I was on the phone with the agent for less than a minute and received email confirmation of our cancellation.
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