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  1. BTW, this would be for a sailing from New York to Barcelona, if that makes a difference, and I would be flying out of the SF Bay Area in Northern California.
  2. I'm working on planning a transatlantic and it appears that airfare gets charged automatically on the booking for flights that aren't scheduled yet since this is in 2023. Do they just randomly put people in whatever flights that can be found? Should I worry about doing things this way? This is under the "2nd guest flies free" promo. In my case, I would be going solo so they apparently just give me half off. I would like for them to handle the booking because I am concerned about the air travel logistics but at the same time, I don't want to wind up with just any situation. What can I reasonably expect?
  3. What time did you guys get back to port on disembarkation day?
  4. I bought the $250 cost/$500 benefit CruiseFirst certificate last night. Just to confirm a couple of things: 1) What happens if I book a cruise for next summer in 2022 and I need to cancel? Can I reuse that and if so at what amount? 2) If the certificate is non-refundable and has a 3 year expiration, then should I conclude that it becomes worthless after then if not used? Please feel free to add any other useful information.
  5. For those of you who flew and have sailed out of Long Beach recently, what transportation did you take back to the airport? Taxi, Uber, Carnival shuttle, non-Carnival shuttle?
  6. If this is how every cruise was going forward until COVID is under control, I think we could for the first time genuinely say that cruising would be a relatively safe experience under the circumstances. Especially for those that are willing and able to take stairs most of the time.
  7. For those of you who don't have a Chase Sapphire card, now would be a great time to get one. A $1,000 just on statement credit if you want cash. It could be worth $1,250 using their travel portal, which uses a large online travel agency that provides all kinds of travel. Or even more (2x+) for those who are much more smarter at the points game than the simple things I like to stick to. Plus you get a $50 hotel credit. Not to mention the generally impressive benefits of various kinds the card itself does provide. It does have a $95 so you'll have to pay at least that. Then you can decide to cancel if you don't want to pay the fee. That's another great thing about Chase. They are the sweetest reps when you are cancelling a card with all of their, "We so sorry to see you go." "Would a 5,000 free points adjustment change your mind?" and so on.
  8. I'm not sure if this works but I have my eye on this for international travel next year. Amazon.com: ZGGCD Travel Adapter, International Power Adapter, Universal Plug Adaptor with 3 USB & USB Type-C Port, High Speed 4.5A Worldwide Wall Charger, All in One AC Socket for USA UK AUS EU Asia Phone Laptop : Electronics
  9. As I've said in another thread, that would probably be true if the cruisers all were beamed aboard the ship but since so many of them have to take planes and go thru airports (both of which are undoubtedly massive contagion areas), I highly doubt the veracity of such a statement.
  10. The question of tip pooling seems to come up at least once a week on average somewhere on this site. I don't understand why people care at the end of the day. Does it impact whether you would give a tip to them or not? Does it impact the amount you would give? I would think it is the gesture that is what's most important in such a situation. And I'm very inclined to believe that a good tip will make them feel better about themselves even if they have to share it. And bottom line, the more that gets shared, the more for all those involved who contribute that you may not have direct interaction with.
  11. That would probably be true if people just transported onto the ship, or at least the check in terminal. However, most of those cruisers have to fly there and airports and planes have to be a major source for COVID spread.
  12. Why even bother waiting till OBC gets applied and take on the price risk? You can buy and sell in the same instance and just send in the buy transaction.
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