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  1. Thank you @thrifty99 for spending your spare time emailing corporate for us. Well at least we know what to expect from the unlimited package now.
  2. Yeah it was through my FB instant message, I can post screen shot of my whole convo if you like. Here are the screens of my convo.
  3. I tried asking for future on board credits but got shot down because the manager did approve my request albeit on my 4th day of sailing though. I was just more mad about the experience I had. No one on vacation especially on a cruise wants to get denied to a restaurant while you out with your significant other. It was a little embarrassing for me to argue with the host manager in front of my wife and have all other dining patrons looking at you.
  4. Yea this was my first Royal Caribbean cruise so moving forward I would definitely bring all my printouts of the packages I bought. I guess a new HD came on board after your sailing because the whole policy changed within two weeks. Well I just got a response from RCI on FB here is their clarification on the Unlimited Dining Package - Royal Caribbean International With the Unlimited Dining Package. guests can dine in any restaurant on their sailing as many times as they like based on availability. Packages include service charge and food portion only for dinner and, when available, lunch service.
  5. Thank you @thrifty99 for emailing them. I hope we get a response back from them soon. Do you guys know who the director for Harmony was? Was it Mark the one that does the entertainment show every night?
  6. We only got the $35 credit per person for the hibachi side and yes I ate there and the sushi on another day. Were you on Harmony or a different ship?
  7. It may be too much if you ate full blown meals but I would like the option to come in a specialty restaurant for just espresso and dessert or to Sabor for chips and guac. I usually dine late at 7:45-8pm for my main dinner time so I have a lot of time through out the day. During port days if you have the unlimited package you don't have a "lunch" credit so if you eat at 3pm that would count towards your only "dinner" credit for later in the evening. I usually come back from port early before 2pm. Windjammer works but we paid for Unlimited and I would love the option to dine wherever we like. The workers were awesome but management need to get their act together.
  8. I called the Dining Manager and he didn't believe me that the fine print on the Unlimited package says you can dine multiple restaurants in one night. He told me he has to pay his cooks and there's no way he can accommodate multiple dining visits in one day for everyone that has that package. I told him that's not what the fine print says on the official site and he invited me to meet him at Central Park to show him the fine print. Fast forward he didn't end up meeting me, but he sent his assistant manager and I showed him the fine print. He agreed the fine print state you can dine multiple restaurant per night but says there is a mistake with the fine print online. He agreed to honor the package just for my cabin and that was the end of it. It was already the 4th day so I was already over it. I ended up not even bothering to go during mid day for small apps/tapas. The experience was already ruined and the workers were not even trained about the Unlimited dining policy. They were still thinking it is the same as the Ultimate package which had the dining limit. During the day Johnny rockets 90% empty and Sabor usually only had 1 or 2 party. I couldn't even go there just to get guac and chips just to hang out doors without burning a lunch or dinner "credit".
  9. I just got off the Harmony and had the UDP package. On this specific ship you could it go dine one specialty restaurant during lunch and dinner per night even though fine print on the UDP states you can dine as much as you want all night. For Izumi you get $35 credit per guest. So if you do the hibachi you will be paying $10 upcharge since the cheapest protein was $45. Tip to avoid the charge is if you have a party of 2 you can share a protein and have some left over credit for a sushi roll or other a la carte apps since you both combine will have a $70 credit. The cook still gave out two fried rice and veggie portion to both shared diners. For the specialty restaurant you can order as many apps and dessert as you like but you are only allowed to order one MAIN entree. If you would like to order a second one they will charge you $10 upcharge per extra main entree. Some waiters do let you order extra mains for free but ymmv. I tried the MDR for formal night, the quality of the food ofcourse was not as good as the specialty restaurant. Service was great though. I find the windjammer dinner buffet to be a little better than the MDR. Especially when they have theme food nights. The windjammer's themed food was always great!
  10. UNLIMITED DINING PACKAGE Savor the savings with the Unlimited Dining Package! For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees and visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing. And as an added perk, this unlimited package also applies to lunch at specialty restaurants on sea days. Plus, enjoy a discount of 40% off bottles of wine under $100 and 20% off bottles above $100 while dining in specialty restaurants.. Even their official site does not list about the 1 restaurant per night limit. Either the Harmony crew needs some kind of retraining on the policy of the Unlimited package or we are missing some wording somewhere.
  11. Yeah that was my understanding as well. I even went to guest services as and they also told me 1 restaurant per night as well.
  12. Just returned from my Harmony Cruise that sailed on Nov. 3. and they were not honoring the unlimited portion of the dining package. The crew members were only allowing us to only dine once during lunch and once during dinner. That was the old Ultimate Dining package policy but the fine print on the Unlimited states you can dine as much as you want and at any restaurants you as you like every night. I bought the package so I can do small apps mid day and then dinner later into the evening but of course the crew member said I already used my credit for the day already when I went in for apps earlier. I had to argue a bit and the manager finally let us dine for that night. That whole ordeal ruined my dinner experience for that night. It is my first time sailing with Royal Caribbean so what are the rules to the Unlimited package for dining multiple restaurants on the same night. Thank you for reading my semi rant. I want to confirm with you guys on the policy before I do a formal complaint to Royal Caribbean.
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