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  1. I am also curious.... Rumor has it they are supposed to be doing sea trials this month but who knows with the current situation.
  2. Lol I thought I had a simple question too!
  3. We had our seats changed to the very back. Also, I highly recommend checking your flight schedule with the airline. We have 2 bookings and on separate ocassions on each booking, the airline didn't show us going to our final destination while Princess does. For some reason the last leg wasn't reflected through the carrier.
  4. Ok, thanks everyone for the info! Looks like I will plan to wait to pay them! 🙂
  5. Hi! Question for you all... I am not sure if I am missing something, but what is the benefit(s) to paying the gratuities before the cruise?
  6. Awesome, thank you! Yes, that all helps!!
  7. Hello! I have a question... we are still a ways out from our Princess cruise. We have booked our flights to Europe roundtrip through EZ Air. Does anyone know what the options are if the airline has a significant schedule change and you are more than 45 days out where your ticket is not ticketed with the airline yet? We were able to lock in an awesome rate that you can't get directly through the airline but wondering if anyone has experienced significant schedule changes in this period and what the options are to get the flights changed (hopefully without an increase in price) and rebooking yourself through EZ Air is already significantly more expensive than what you have already booked.
  8. The rate I am getting for 4 devices prior to cruise is $14.99 USD per day.
  9. Thank you! Does anyone know what the rate is once you are onboard if you are not in those loyalty tiers?
  10. I am interested in this as well.
  11. Hi fellow cruisers! Anyone have any experience going on a Princess cruise with a corn and gluten allergy? If so, curious as to the feedback on the food offerings and overall dining experience. I know there are a number of gluten free options, but having selections that are both gluten and corn allergy friendly are trickier.
  12. Awesome, thank you all! This is really helpful!
  13. My family and I are booked on an upcoming Princess cruise. It will be an Ocean Medallion cruise. Currently we have my mom and I in one cabin and my husband and my dad in the other. We did it this way as it was cheaper due to the offers my parents received. We need to switch to where my husband and I will be in one cabin and my parents in the other. Do you have suggestions on how this can be done? We were just going to switch who stays in what room, but not sure how this will work with the Ocean Medallion and it being a key to the cabin. Any suggestions?
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