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  1. Thanks! We’ll check it out!
  2. Hello fellow cruises, This will be our first time in Grand Turk, and I'm interested in trying lionfish...hopefully something like a fritter. Can anyone recommend a place preferrably within a short walking distance from the port? My father-in-law has some mobility issues, so he will not be able to go too far. I keep reading about Jack's Shack, but I already checked his website, and it wasn't listed. Should we skip the lionfish and just try to conch or catch a taxi if there's no lionfish close to port?
  3. Thank you. Yes, we were looking forward to getting on the boat early, throwing our things in the room, and taking him to lunch before there's a crowd. We paid for my in-laws to have FTTF, so we could all board at the same time, and now I'm concerned we'll be paying $160 to board just a few minutes earlier than we would have if we checked in at our 12 o'clock appointment. If the only perk we get is to have our rooms early, it wouldn't be worth it to me as 5 adults are definitely capable of keeping track of a couple carryons. It doesn't look like any of our ports requires tendering which would have been another huge bonus to this package. Do you think it would be better to arrive around 11am?
  4. Hi All, We're going on our first Carnival cruise which leaves from Port Canaveral, and we'll be sailing on the Elation. We bought FTTF specifically for priority boarding due to having a 2 year old, since we figured it would be easier to not have to hold him screaming or attempt to corral him, but now from my readings it seems we don't board all that much earlier than the people who arrive with the first check-in. Our selected check-in time without FTTF is already 12:00-12:30 which seems to be the earliest they start checking anyone in from what I can tell after googling. How soon after they begin checking people in do they normally start boarding with FTTF and without FTTF? I'm starting to wonder if it will actually benefit us at all as this is the only reason we purchased it. Our transportation has us scheduled to be there at 11:30. Based on your knowledge of Port Canaveral and Carnival, is this too early to arrive if we don't want to wait very long to board?
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