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  1. What a wonderful blog! Many thanks for the time + energy it took to put this together. My partner and I will be on the Reflection this summer and I can't wait for your overall thoughts, tips, etc. on the ship. Thanks again.
  2. Hello all! Just checking back in if anyone else has booked this cruise.
  3. Thanks ! How do I know if it is a docked port or a tendered port? Does the cruise itinerary indicate this?
  4. Hello! I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. If not, forgive me. i will be on a Reflection British Isles Cruise August 10. For some of the ports I am booking outside companies for cruise excursions. Would an experienced cruiser explain how the process works with Celebrity on the Reflection? It is my first cruise and I want to fully understand the process. I am booked in Concierge class (not sure if that matters) and any of the excursions (non Celebrity) that I am looking at for various ports give a guarantee that they will get me back to the ship on time to leave , so that feels safe - but in the morning we get into port is there a queuing system to leave the ship and get to the excursion bus on time? Any tips or guidance would be appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Hello! WiIll be in Scotland for the first time in August and am hoping any Scotland experts would advise me as to which of the two tours listed below would be the most scenic/interesting? I understand this is very subjective but would appreciate any first hand opinions to better make a choice. Thanks! https://discoverscotlandtours.com/tours/highland-lochs-glens-castles-shore-excursion/ https://discoverscotlandtours.com/tours/loch-lomond-stirling-castle-trossachs-shore-excursion/
  6. Thanks very much Cahpek ! Incredibly helpful information although I certainly hope that the embarkation/disembarking aspects are handled better than what you experienced, which sounds horrible! It's my first cruise and I selected Celebrity as I thought it would be a notch up with organization/processing guests. At least know I am prepared for potential chaos. We booked in Concierge class so hopefully this will help a little. We board and disembark in Amsterdam. I looked at my itinerary on the Celebrity site but it does not state which specific port. Is this something that is worked out more closely to the cruise or should the info be available now? Thanks again for the advice.
  7. Does anyone know if Celebrity provides shuttles from the various port terminals to the city centers on an itinerary? My partner and I may sign up for a few organized excursions but mostly will probably just want to head to "town" and explore on our own for a few hours. Thanks for any specifics.
  8. Hello! My partner and I are all booked for Celebrity REFLECTION British Isles & Amsterdam August10-22. Hoping to meet up/socialize with other friendly G&L couples on board.
  9. Thanks so much Fragile K. I would love your suggestions for Glasgow! Many thanks.
  10. Hello! my partner and I are on the Celebrity Reflection British Isles Cruise this August. First time for both of us. We stop in Glasgow August 13 at Noon and then depart August 14 at 8:55pm. We would really like to see Edinburgh . Is there an easy way to plan this on our own? Any advice and tips would be appreciated! Paul & David
  11. Thanks so much upwarduk ! Beautiful photos.
  12. Mark T - Thanks also for Portland info. Will look into organized tour/excursion for that.
  13. Thanks kmhuk - Exactly the information I was looking for. We are both super fit guys and love walking. Great to know we can actually walk into city center of Belfast. Thanks again.
  14. Hello - My partner and I are booked on the 12 night British Isles & Amsterdam cruise in August. The ports are as follows: AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS CORK (COBH), IRELAND GLASGOW (GREENOCK), SCOTLAND DUBLIN, IRELAND DUBLIN, IRELAND BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND PORTLAND, DORSET, UK CHERBOURG, FRANCE DOVER, ENGLAND BRUGES,(ZEEBRUGGE),BELGIUM My question (I am a first time cruiser - my partner is not, but I am in charge of the research for this trip! lol) which ports are relatively easy to explore on ones own with simple transportation to the town center, etc. and which ports would any cruise experts suggest booking from the ship excursion options only? I've been exploring the website, boards and all of the wonderful sources available but could really use some advice before my head explodes with confusion! Many thanks.
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