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  1. The only option provided to us at the time by both Viking and TripMate, was to rebook the cruise since we qualified for a full refund according to the terms of the TripMate travel insurance. A Viking representative did contact TripMate on our behalf, with a response that our appeal had been 'overlooked' and they would prioritize it now! kl
  2. Our wonderful Viking River cruise experience has been marred by Trip Mate. A massive storm on the northeast coast of the US forced us to cancel our initial cruise date due to multiple flight delays causing us to miss our connection to Amsterdam for the cruise. To our relief, Norman from Viking and a Trip Mate representative both assured us our trip would be fully refunded due to the weather-related cancellation. But Trip Mate now refuses our refund, making the preposterous claim that our cancellation was not weather-related. They still have our $10,000 – it has been 4 months! After their assurance of a refund, we rebooked the cruise and paid another $10,000. This problem has forced us to reconsider booking future excursions and look to other ways to enjoy our retirement.
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