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  1. Wasn't asking about a visa, perfectly capable to take responsibility, it was just a question !
  2. Ourusualbeach, didn't realize this situation has occurred before. I am sure they have more info, than what you give them credit for.
  3. BirdTravels, you don't give their employees much credit.
  4. Thanks for your replies, will wait and contact Royal when final payment is due.
  5. We will be sailing on the Allure in November, and I am wondering how this is going to work, as we are flying in from Toronto, Ontario. Do we need to take in account the isolation period?
  6. Thank you, your responses have been very helpful. Stay Safe
  7. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestion regarding 3 day pre cruise in New York - we are planning on a cruise on the Oasis in August 2021, and thought it would be a great time to spend a few days in New York to see the sights, especially the 911 memorial. Does anyone have any suggestions or website that I could use for info. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  8. So glad you didn't cancel your cruise, and allowed us all to come along.
  9. Considering that Royal is now allowing you to cancel your cruise without penalty - raises the question - how serious it is.? Have been following a thread where 2 passengers not travelling together both have symptoms of the flu, have had a visit with the ship's physician - given cold medication and were not advised to be quarantined in their cabin along with the other people residing in their cabin. Makes me wonder are they being careful enough, so that other passengers are not infected?
  10. Ok, I did another check (not having a good day) and it looks like the show "One Sky" was cancelled. Checked on the entertainment site again, and now it has been removed. Do I need a cruise or what? Just hope this VIRUS cooperates and I don't have to cancel.
  11. Anyone know what is up with this sailing? Entertainment reservations were available, made my reservations this morning and then later in the morning, received an email notifying me that some of the reservations had been cancelled???? Also did my preboarding this morning and no luggage tags available. Received an email 3 weeks ago that boarding paperwork was ready for processing. Anyone else experiencing these problems.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone. I am been looking into booking a cruise for next Christmas. Is there anything special that happens on Christmas day or is it just a wonderful day on a cruise ship? Hope everyone has a great day. Thank you
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