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  1. Glad to hear your money is at least sort of back. But sad for no cruises.
  2. Refund received yesterday for June 2 cruise cancelled by Regent on April 24
  3. Refund received yesterday, June 26 for June 2 cruise cancelled by Regent on April 24. Refund requested April 24.
  4. Yes, cases have gone up in Oklahoma, but hospitalizations are flat, and death rates are down. I am cautiously optimistic that this means the virus is losing its potency. Of course, part of it may be that we are testing more people so picking up more mild cases. Anyone can get a test who wants one now. All patients coming into the hospitals or even to outpatient surgery are tested.
  5. I agree, it would have to be a CFAR policy.
  6. The rules are--if you cancelled a cruise before the cruise line cancelled but after final payment, prior to Covid, you would get nothing back at all unless you had trip insurance to cover it. Now, if you cancel before Oceania does, you get FCC's. Those are the rules. So she needs to schedule another cruise before 2022 and use the FCC's. And if she bought trip insurance make a claim with them. If she didn't buy trip insurance, that is on her, not Oceania.
  7. AHA, well that makes sense on why I got it so quickly. Not complaining, just surprised.
  8. Got my money credited back to my credit card on 6/18 for Sept 22 Oceania cruise which I cancelled on 6/15. Only 3 days. Very impressive. Still waiting on Regent and it has been 2 months since they cancelled.
  9. I doubt this cruise will happen, but here in Oklahoma, we have drive through clinics for testing that anyone can use, and results are back in just a few hours. I am sure they have the same in Seattle. But like I said, I would count on the cruise not happening
  10. One of the girls who works for me sent hers in in mid-March. She received notification that it had been received then nothing. She is still waiting. doesn't really matter now as the cruise she was planning to go on in August has been cancelled anyway, but she is worried she will never see it again. I am trying to reassure her.
  11. Got my money back from Oceania on 6/18 for a cruise I cancelled on 6/15. Pretty impressive turn around. Of course, I was the one doing the cancelling. They cancelled the cruise a few days later, so they still have my deposit but it converts to FCC which is fine with me. The money back was for stuff I prepaid for.
  12. We were on the Sept 22nd Regatta cruise as well. I cancelled last week as I was really sure it wouldn't sale. So they still have my $500 deposit which will change to FCC (but no bonus since I am the one who cancelled) and they will refund all the stuff I had prepaid. We will see. They said 3-4 weeks which is way faster than the 90 days that Regent told me and seems to be taking for our June 2 cruise that they cancelled.
  13. I hate buffets and would be happy to avoid them altogether. My husband, OTOH, loves them, so I get dragged there when we are onboard more often than I would like. So I would be thrilled for the buffet to go away.
  14. I didn’t go back to the start of this thread, but have sailed Celebrity and Oceania. Would not consider HAL. Oceania is miles better than Celebrity in terms of food and service.
  15. I am going to wait a while. I have seen too many new drugs that went through all the very long FDA testing and were released, only to find out months or years later that they had terrible side effects. The vaccine is apparently going to be allowed to bypass that, which is crazy and irresponsible in my opinion. I’m not sure how many people are going to be willing to be guinea pigs.
  16. Not all is caused by vaccines ,but some is due to an autoimmune response that attacks the nervous system.
  17. Absolutely. Travelcat and I know someone who has lasting effects from Guillan Barre syndrome from a flu vaccine.
  18. No shortage of tests or swabs here. Every patient who comes to the hospital for any reason is tested as are those having outpatient surgery. So far I have had no patients test positive, in well over 300 tests. i hope the vaccine works, but I am a little worried about them releasing a vaccine before they know it is actually effective.
  19. Bill, welcome home to your daughter as well. When my son (Marine) was coming back from Afghanistan, they landed in Shannon Ireland for refueling. All the Marines were able to get off the plane and have some Guinness. They all slept well the rest of the way home.
  20. Just found this. I think the covid thing has played into the rioting as well. At least in Tulsa, most all the rioters after the initial protest on the first day (which was peaceful) are teenagers. All the ones who have been arrested for vandalism and throwing rocks at police are teenagers. They meet up on facebook and pick a place to go and cause trouble. I think they need to institute a curfew, but that hasn't been done yet. There were fewer of them last night than over the weekend, so hopefully some parents are catching on to what is going on and putting a stop to it.
  21. Yes, they are to be refunded. Don't know which cruise you were on that was cancelled, but we were on June 4. Took the FCC. Still waiting not so patiently now for my considerable refund as we had a pre-paid off ship overnight excursion which was quite pricey. My TA says it may take up to 90 days, just like a regular complete refund, which is not making me happy.
  22. We have an Oceania cruise scheduled in September which has not yet been cancelled, though I suspect it probably will be. But if the cruise is happening, and my employer has lifted their travel restrictions (currently, I could go but would have to be on quarantine for 14 days after return), we will be going, and yes, flying. Planes are probably cleaner now than ever in recent years. As far as the mask vs. face shield issue, in medical settings they are worn together. The mask is probably going to offer more protection as far as spreading the disease. I think the face shield offers little to none as far as spreading, and I really would not want a restaurant waiter who was wearing only the face shield as all of the virus would be directed down at the food and table (even though the virus is not food borne, I still wouldn't want it on the utensils I was handling). And I also am very sure that the masks worn in Asia previously had to do with air pollution, not germs. I actually asked my adopted daughter from China about that long before Covid-19 was a thing. Women there also often wear gloves, but not to protect from disease. It is to prevent sun exposure.
  23. Let’s face it. The reason they are processing refunds so slowly is that they are wanting to hang onto the cash as long as possible, plain and simple. I suspect they have laid off a bunch of staff as well, which makes things go even more slowly. They have no incentive to work faster. And yes, I am still waiting for my refund for my paid extra shore excursions, one which was quite expensive as it involved overnight in Jerusalem. We got the future cruise credit almost immediately. It is the cash they are dragging their feet about.
  24. Yes, Ravello is very beautiful. We actually took a bus to Ravello once then hiked to Amalfi. I don't recommend this unless you are a good hiker. But it is very beautiful. You hike alongside a stream where they used to have paper mills in the past. There is a paper museum in Amalfi that is worth a look as well and has really well priced very high quality gifts.
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