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  1. Depends on your previous booking promotion. Just call Carnival, assuming you booked directly with them, and ask. Working with your PVP is even better. I have been able to switch rate codes even with restrictive bookings before.
  2. What luggage tags? Oh...I see... VIFP Club luggage tag set (presented once at Diamond level) Guess I better ask where those are.
  3. The 25% OBC is for reaching your 25th cruise milestone and is totally separate from reaching 200 cruising days to become Diamond. We didn't get Diamond until our 26th cruise. You and your partner can each use your 25% OBC on the same cruise if you want a 50% OBC.
  4. It is not included according to Bookbug53's post from Carnival's website.
  5. Just to be clear, the Hot Streak offer is a newer promo that gives an OBC to the cabin. It has a maximum amount PER CABIN that is split between the single or double occupants no matter if one or both got the same offer. This isn't the more familiar free play or casino cash, in which only the invitee gets the money...or if both people have the offer both get his/her own offered amount. And yes, Carnival does offer free interior, oceanview, balcony and suite rooms to gamblers. Depending on the offer, it will come with a drinks on us card, cash or free play (I've seen up to $1,500), and/or gifts and priority boarding (if a Premier, Ultra, or Elite cruise). I get all of these offers but would not be considered a "whale" in any casino. I guess Carnival would call me a good customer.
  6. It is a CATEGORY upgrade, so Interior -> Oceanview -> Balcony. They say it has to be booked within 1 year of hitting diamond for a sailing within 2 years of hitting diamond. From Carnival's website: One-time complimentary category-type upgrade on applicable booking. Upgrade varies by ship class and is subject to certain category restrictions and exclusions. Does not include upgrade from balcony to suite.
  7. Playing black and red makes it so the player can NEVER come out ahead. People think do so with funchips guarantees they will at least get half back as cash. I've seen green hit a few times when people were doing that. Would be better to play pass/don't pass line in craps and avoid the 5.26% chance to lose everything.
  8. Yes, you and cabinmate can enter for free (seems I remember they now require you earn 1,500 points each to be eligible). On a 7 day cruise it is usually the 5th day or so. They start signing people up like an hour before the start time using a list of all premier players and cabinmates with a Yes/No column for those eligible. The have maybe 15-20 machines and assign people to rounds. The highest scoring 15-20 people play a final round. Everyone in that final round gets some free play prize. I won an Apple Watch and sold it on ebay for $899. Didn't seem so bad...
  9. They will upgrade it to a Cheers package if you get an Elite cruise invite, so you could possibly email the players club and ask if you could pay to get that package.
  10. Yes, a government issued photo ID (like a drivers license or state issued ID) is acceptable. From Carnival's help page: Photo I.D. Information: If the Permanent Resident Card does not include a photo I.D., a non-expired government-issued photo I.D. is required of all guests 16 years of age or older such as a Driver’s License, Driver’s Permit or government-issued identification card (city/state/federal).
  11. Only thing I've seen missing was sometimes onboard credit (or any other perks such as free bottle of wine, etc.) from a TA may not show up until you are onboard. Otherwise, everything looks and acts the same no matter how the cruise is booked.
  12. Since 2010 I have been on 27 cruises all of which were casino offers, including just casino rates, bounce back offers, premier cruises, and ultra cruises...basically every type of casino based promotion available. Never have they waived fees on any of them except invitees of Premiere, Ultra, or Elite cruises. I am not sure who told you, but you should send an email to the casino@carnival.com and/or the oceanplayersclub and ask to be sure.
  13. Three different levels of this insurance, I always get the Luxury level.
  14. Good move! Your card to cash options: -3% fee at the table ($20 or $25 minimum) using your S&S -5.5% for amounts over $100 or $5.50 flat fee for under $100 you charge to get a cash advance from the cashier using your credit card or debit card -$6.00 flat fee they charge to take it from the ATM -0% load it on a player bank at the slot machines using your S&S then cash it out at the cashier* -All the above fees are waived for invite-only people on Premier/Ultra/Elite casino cruises *Carnival frowns on loading money from your S&S into your player bank and then not using it to play, and have been know to punish people for it. So some people load the money then play a few spins before cashing out the player bank.
  15. They do make cruise insurance to cover this very thing. It certainly doesn't make up for the loss of a port, but I'd be about $3,000 ($2,500 for the late leaving, $500 for the missed port) less annoyed than everyone else.
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