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  1. Yes they are offering the 3 day Bali precruise. I was wondering if you liked the cruise ports and iteneries.
  2. I am looking at the Bali to Hong Kong cruise in Feb2020. Has anyone been on this cruise? Any recommendations..
  3. My real question was are TB shirts TOO casual for dinner, thanks for your resplies
  4. Again Tito’s is a corn based vodka and hence gluten free... potato based vodkas such as Chopin do have a different taste
  5. Now that we have addressed capris for ladies.. how about Tommy Bahama shirts for men at dinner
  6. For those that have gluten issues, Titos is a corn based vodka and is gluten free. Chopin has 3 types of single ingredient vodkas, rye, potato and grain based. So if one has a gluten issue, it would be important to have one these available.
  7. Sub-linguinal Zofran 4mg is the best motion sickness med I know. You can take after you get sick, it is prescription, same medication patients get pre chemo. minimal side effect
  8. We have used Daniella Hunt, an American from Chapel Hill NC, has lived in Rome 20 years as tour guide, she is fabulous.
  9. Do you buy trip insurance for Regent cruises?
  10. Any recommendations for excursions in Albania
  11. I am staying at the Olympia , and they offer to pick you up at the airport for 60e
  12. Customs is quite fast and the airport is not that far. I was quite disappointed in Parc Quel, but LaSagrada Familia is spectacular. I would walk the old town, see the Market, and watch for the pick pockets
  13. Cruiseluv, what was terrible, CinqueTerre, Lucca or Florence?
  14. We had a flight from BCN to FRA last summer with a 1h layover. Flight from BCN was 30 minutes late thus a 30 minute layover. We were at the end of 1 terminal and our connection at the other end of the next terminal. And we still had to go thru a customs check. Somehow we made it and somehow our bags made it too. We boarded the plane and they shut the door. Closest ever.
  15. Thanks for the comments, cruise is on the Voyager, 15 June, not Explorer, sorry
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