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  1. Sometimes overdoing things make it seem old and monotonous. Having the ability to vacation that much is nice. For others that get 1-2 vacations a year, cruising or any other place is sorely missed.
  2. I expect private islands (Labadee, CocoCay, Castaway Cay, etc) and Mexico. The head of tourism for Cozumel says every cruise line is bombarding them with opening in November and what they can or willing to accommodate. As others have stated, tourist destinations in Mexico are getting lots of visitors. Friends were at one 2 weeks ago. They have study facilities for kids that have to do virtual classes. They can go on vacation, the kids can do school, and still have the afternoon and night to vacation.
  3. If a customer needs it, charge them what they want. But, you are also looking at it without a sale price. Wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I will have about $1,500-$2,000 of package purchases for my cruise that day.
  4. It was just for a quick sizing and weight check when I go the suitcase, nothing more. I will only be taking one pair of long pants and that is with the suit. I where shorts here until it gets in the low 30s. Since I won't be 5,000 feet up in any mountains when I cruise, there will never be a time I need long pants except at dinners on formal night and the one night we go to the MDR. If the worst happens, I pay to have them dry cleaned onboard.
  5. We are on Easter Oasis and concerned with it as well. May be looking at Caribbean all inclusives as an alternative.
  6. Simple, lock them in quarantine or brig on the ship.
  7. I think the cruise lines are fine. What is at issue is selective closure of businesses. Not to make this political, but Mara Lago never closed. The airlines never shut down. The cruise lines will be fine once the CDC gets some common sense. Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon. Living with it, knowing about it, and being proactive about it is what is required. Start with 50% capacity, social distancing onboard, controlled excursions, and strict embarkation times with testing. This is not rocket science. People will then have to decide if they are willing to live with the restrictions to board a ship.
  8. US soon to follow. I am glad I canceled my cruise in November. If we waited for FCC, we would be paying $600 more for the cruise than 4 weeks ago and that includes the 125% FCC. So glad we did it on our own. Cruise price is up $250 and Easter flights went up ~$600.
  9. I completely disagree. Ports are staffed with US workers paying income tax, property tax, and putting money into the economy. Travel agents, service industries supporting cruise lines, Uber/Lyft/taxi/shuttle drivers and companies transporting cruise guests, businesses that develop signs for the cruise lines, hotels for cruise guests, cleaning staff at hotels, wait/bar staff at hotels, restaurants/bars cruisers eat at before and cruises. People think far too myopically as the cruise industry being a floating boat people get on to party. You have to look at it as a whole to understand the true impact.
  10. I agree partially. The difference is the MSC cruise is in-country only. US cruising is usually to another country which changes the ballgame. Each country will have its own laws and the broken CDC here has its sets of random rules.
  11. I am one of the mindset if one business/industry can be open, all of them can be open. Cruise lines are a hospitality business here in the US. They should have the same regulations as Hilton, Disney World, United Airlines, LAX, MCO, etc. I still cannot grasp how the CDC decided that it is impossible to transmit, contract, or anything related to Covid-19 from airlines and airports. Their idea of how it cannot be spread in a confined space like a fully packed airplane is dumbfounding. The engineers that developed such a virus are geniuses to be able to target an industry that is immune to it.
  12. My advice would be to remain flexible on ports. They may not even know what ports they are going to until a few days before. The whole Caribbean may not be open, the number of ships that need to go to the limited ports will change, and there are a ton of logistical things that need to be managed.
  13. One of the recent cons is that travel agencies are going under leaving those that booked through them in a painful situation working through the cruise line. Some people have been dealing with difficult situations to get things squared away. I know we booked our transportation and pre-cruise hotel through a service. They are not shuttered, but they are so slow at doing anything. It has been 5 months and no refund yet. They are not doing refunds until the all-clear to completely go back to work. If they go under, we lose our money. It is ridiculous.
  14. March 28: Oasis of the Seas July 24: Mardi Gras March 28: Oasis of the Seas. We have not been on an enjoyable vacation for over 2 years when this opportunity arises. A weekend getaway is nice, but it is not a vacation. It is a temporary break from reality. The drive to/from only to be back at work after 2 days is not really a vacation. It is just an escape. Having moved cruises twice, it will be devastating to have to go another 4 months in hopes of the July cruise. We would have to look into an all-inclusive to substitute to. Friends have just gotten back from the Caribbean and said it was pretty much back to normal except the 30% capacity. Social distancing was simple so it is something we would consider switching to.
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