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  1. Personally, if you bought into the entire shutdown of the world, you need to buy into mandatory vaccination. Instead of trying to battle the testing BS, cruise lines are better off forcing vaccinations to cruise. Since the first cruises will be limited in capacity, requiring vaccination is more practical. If you are vaccinated by something the FDA approved, the CDC would have no grounds to argue it. Then, all testing is a moot point.
  2. I don't know the answers, but I expect B2B cruises to not be permitted in 2021. As for testing, I think you will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test before getting to the port. Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon. Vaccination will be more key than negative tests. Testing has proven to be completely ineffective at controlling or predicting covid. Focus on vaccination and be done with it. There are at least 3 companies releasing in the coming weeks and more than half the US population (sorry, haven't been following the rest of the world) can be vaccinated by end of February
  3. Personally, I do not care about transmission to others. If a vaccine is available and you choose not to get it, then that is on you. Every has a freedom of choice, but not freedom from consequences. If the cruise lines make it mandatory to have the vaccine, then you don't cruise without it.
  4. The massive price increases are due to more FCCs. We booked OTS for March 28th. We paid $2100 for it. After they canceled through Dec 31 (within 2-3 days), that cruise and same room category went from $2,100 to $5,600 (same price today). I think it has a lot more to do with FCC's and an attempt to get as much cash as they can. If they keep this up, they will price us out of cruising pretty quickly as well.
  5. For US, it should be a requirement to cruise. Moderna and Pfizer could have enough doses for nation wide vaccination by end of March. Now, whether people take it is a different story. Private and public industry can make it a requirement to work and/or enter (think schools, government buildings, airlines, cruises, etc). Moderna has 60M doses ready today. They just need EUA approval. I know 2 people on the Phase III trial. One thinks they have the real deal and the other thinks they have the placebo. The one that thinks it was real felt tired and something like a slight sinus infection for abou
  6. They protect US citizens in the United States. If the cruise ship is embarking from a US port, passengers are protected by US HIPPA laws. If they require a vaccine, all the can ask for is proof of vaccination. Now, at the online check-in they could make it a new policy in order to board that you agree to provide the vaccination name or forfeit your cruise for immediate refund. That would be a loophole to ask for it. However, I don't see them going that route. The 2 vaccines are showing greater than 90% efficacy in trials. Since those may be the only ones around when cruising starts, just proof
  7. In the US, no. That is protected by HIPAA laws. They can only ask for proof of taking a vaccine.
  8. That is not possible. The government, CDC, and every other naysayer out there has made it clear that it is impossible to get covid in airports, transportation to/from airports, or on an airplane.
  9. March 28, 2020. I can only be hopeful that this cruise sails. If not, we have to wait until July 24th.
  10. And my autofill stated effective instead of efficacy as well.
  11. This morning Moderna announced their vaccine is 94.5% effective including severe cases which Pfizer has not announced yet. Now there are 2 effective vaccines that are viable with FDA EUA approval. You would now think with the rapid rise of all cases in the US and worldwide that the FDA would be having emergency meetings to go through the data and provide approval expeditiously. If they are both given approval by month end, there will be enough vaccinations for the entire country by mid-February between the two and possibly sooner if our government would get off their duffs.
  12. I will go. There are only 4 questionable cases of someone getting Covid a second time. The reason they cannot verify is because testing is so inaccurate, there is no way to prove they had it the first time. For those that have had it, they are virtually immune now. Covid has been out for over a year now. 53.4M "confirmed" cases worldwide. If we eliminate all of the false positives and the multiple counting of a person then add in all positives that had not been tested, then we can assume this number may be accurate. That leaves a 0.000007% chance of getting it a second time. I'll take those od
  13. I would be willing to bet that they have run the data analytics on pricing and what people have paid. They don't want to go through another round of purchases for less and then weeks of refunds. There really is minimal incentive to run BF deals for the Cruise Planner items. I hope they do, but if I was in the finance department, I would be raising flags on any deep discounts that would require a lot of refunds.
  14. You don't have to accept it. Ask for a refund or a proper reduction of 10%. If they don't agree, then demand a refund. If they are not providing what you contractually purchased, they must offer a refund...assuming contract laws are similar where you are.
  15. Because you are looking at the non-sale price. It is pretty much the same on all cruises. $84 today, tomorrow $60. Black Friday 2021 $50. You just have to look daily.
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