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  1. No port is safe this days, moreover its hard to distinguish a safe port from the unsafe one. Major ports have very strict regulations regarding the current virus issue and they may offer any kind of ambulance help and etc. I believe that if you want to cruise safe, just pick the route which visits such ports. The majority of them are safe.. in general
  2. I dont feel like it will have any impact on my life what so ever. The only thing I am afraid of is this situation last for another year or two. I dont want to stay at home any longer or work from home while my kids and wife are at home and going crazy already. I want to start travelling like I did before: with no restrictions, masks and etc. Hope it will be like that next year
  3. I totally agry with the CEO but it will depend on the current world status of spreading of the desease. Its easy to say rather than do. Even if you put down all the current limitations there is no guarantees that business will come to normal. Moreover, such steps may lead to bigger problems which I will not list right now, and head managers and CEO of this level totally understand it
  4. It will depend on the news coming from major world economies. If they feel that keeping the self-isolation mode may threaten their economy they will not issue any more limitations. And, on the other hand if they fell that situation comes to normal nothing will be done in this case and no cancelations will be announced. It all depends on the current status
  5. The problem with it is that the government (and I am talking about different governments) simply dont know how to act and they are afraid of bringing the desease to the homeland. I totally understand them but these people have to be compensated for all difficulties they have to go through.. maybe their wages should be temporarily or permantly increased
  6. All the cruisers will operate as normal this year. They have already agreed on certain limitations but they will not affect the industry much. Masks, social distancing, buffet free zones and etc. I wouldnt say that these limitations are a good thing but taking into account the current situation it would be better to follow some of the rules of this new on board policies. I doubt they will last long but as long as they last I would rather follow
  7. There was a thread just yesterday about going on a cruise where masks are mandatory. Well, it will depend on a person. When I cruise I dont really look for a company. Usually its a family cruise and we enjoy our own company just as much. For some it can be a problem cause some people like to hang out and even getting into romantic relationship. I would say that such limitations are aweful but if they will exist just for this season (or a year) I am totally fine with it.. but I will not cruise this year
  8. Arnold Donald is one of the nicest persons in the industry I know. I like the interview a lot. He is as always being very honest, clear and straight forward. As long as he remains the president the things will go the right direction. Its hard to imagine anyone else on his place. Moreover, If I am not mistaken he has been a president of one of the biggest charitable organizations. I am sure it has its impact on his work he does for Carnival
  9. Aside from the weather being terrible and no chance of escaping this madness we have here in Caldwell, everything is just orderly fine. Its more about how you plan and execute your time rather than things going on around you. Its like being on a party but being totally board or sitting in a library and being super excited. So yeah.. things are just floating their way by me. And I just enjoy the time I have no matter how good or bad it is
  10. Just a little clarification, isnt Bank of America is the new CHASE bank? I rememeber in 2008 in CA all banks of America has been replaced by CHASE. I wonder what bank you are talking about exactly. Maybe I just lost time or getting confused with things but in any case it would be almost impossible to track such operation if the initial bank has been changed. Does anyone know about it?
  11. Its always hard to get a detailed refund information when you are waiting for it. Its really hard to track. The cruise companies themselves cant really help you with it. All they can do is call the bank and find out about the status of the money requested. Dont think that its the cruise company that refunds you. Its more about their relations with bank that issues the money initially. Just be patient and I am sure you will get it
  12. If I plan a nonbudget cruise, balconies are mandatory. I like to stay on my balcony and view the ocean and breath some fresh air without the need of leaving my cabin. This is some sort of luxury you get when you cruise in a cabin with a balcony. I wonder whether they will rise in prices. Such cabins will be most demanded these days cause everyone want to have a fresh air circulating in their cabin
  13. I started to notice it last week. My wife read on the news the other day about loosening the limitations regarding walking in parks and some hair saloons. I mean, in this matter women are way more informed than man. The fact that their hair and beauty saloons are openning means that situation is coming to normal. Will see how it goes
  14. This is the thing that most of the people dont even know whether they carry the virus or not. Which means that no matter how strict will the policies be, sick people can still get on board and get other people sick who will have their symptoms vissible to others. Maybe its true and eveyone should catch it and fight just to strengthen their immune system.. who knows
  15. We have over 150k cases of covid confirmed. Another 800+ cases just yesterday. So yeah, we stay at home and read books and play video games. Sometimes its getting very boring but from some point of view I cant imgine how I will go to work again and work in the office. I got so used working from home. I will try asking my manager to make me work from home
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