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  1. There was a thread in here already - yes, these points do expire. It tajes like a year or half a year approximetly. I would better check it with the cruise company and avoid these credits in general
  2. Refund process is one of the most annoying things I have ever experienced. Usually it take 3-4 weeks, in case of Pandemic 2-3 months.. I heard of some lucky ones who got it the first week they applied but I think it was a lucky coincidence
  3. I would say that if you have to stay and wait for the test - you should be compensated in full, both for the meals and for the hotel. I mean its not our fault that we have to stay somewhere and wait wasting our time and money. There should be some sort of compensation to it
  4. These shuttles work the same way the airport shuttles work. You can order them before hand on the internet or by giving them a call. Sometimes they take you from-to the airport. They can also pick you up from your hotel for an additional charge. It all will depend on the company
  5. I was trying the new feature on the iPhone concerning the Corona virus but I have no idea how it works and how it applies to the privacy of the information. What if you dont want to share your information about your diseases with people around you? This app works under the same algorithm I suppose
  6. It might take a little over a month. I would say it will take 2 months the least. The thing is, the companies are not really rushing to give back the money. They need to cover their expenses they suffered during the pandemic. In any case, if you get it earlier - you will be the lucky one
  7. Whatever it is that thing has killed over 200k people in the US alone. I dont care whether its bodies or antibodies or whatever, I want to stay away from it unless the vaccine is around. My guess would be 2-3 months and we will have it and start a normal life again.
  8. the whole process of gathering the crew together sounds very complicated especially these days when there are some countries that still have their boarders locked and have their own strict limitations in the regard of Covid
  9. If there is no vaccine around I dont see a single reason to visit such places. But if you look at it from other point of view, the mask wont really save you cause if you look under microscope on the size of the virus and at the halls in your mask - you will be surprised
  10. I suppose it worked at certain areas and at certain times. While we are waiting for Ilon Mask to share the internet worldwide through the sattelite, I doubt that there will be stable internet connection both at sea and in the air..
  11. How is Toronto doing by the way? We didnt have any news from what is going on in Canada for awhile. Do you have restrictions and stuff? It feels like Canada got untouched by the crisis really. Maybe its due to the cold.. Or maybe you got some good measures to fight it?
  12. Hello guys, I just want to join as well as I turned 30 this year and I want to wish to all having anniversaries this year to have a great year. Just be happy that we made it all the way here and have an opportunity to talk here on the forum right now! You guys are awesome
  13. The funny thing is that they really do exist. I mean if you go to Barnes and Nobles its basically a library of its own. You don't even have to purchase anything. But I mean, its still around and I doubt it will be going anywhere any soon
  14. In this case, all I can say is please stay safe. I mean first and foremost is to be safe aware that if you caught covid - you need to stay away from such ways of entertainment. Next year we will have a vaccine and all these restrictions will not have any force. So just stick in there and wait for the vaccine. In this case, they wont any powers to deny you
  15. They basically want their money and they wan to make sure that they can keep them in case of a bad case scenario. One of the fascinating thing about it is that no commission or monopoly control agencies can have any effect on them..I would even check it on compliance with the international law.
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