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  1. I wonder how hard it is to get a discount when you are booking a few cruises at once online. I have never seen any discount ads on any cruise website. Moreover, I doubt there will be any real discounts these days
  2. I really dont believe in any news recently cause they are all about something very far away from the reality of our days. Lets wait until the situation with Corona Virus settles down so that we can begin discussing our cruises in a more positive way
  3. I would go for luxury cruising this time cause I already saved some money and in any case, I would rather have my cruises in a much rare way but they will be luxurious ones
  4. I doubt that there are any Nude cruises but I am sure some cruisers have a special area where you can have sun baths naked. Even if its a little balcony somewhere far away from the rest of the audience of the ship.
  5. I was born with a very low blood pressure and my usual temperature is below average and every time I have a check or examination people start calling 911 lol. Well, at least I know its better to pass out from the lower temperature rather than from a high one
  6. I reallu love all those daily reports. Browsing the web I rarely find any positive news. This forum is like one of those very few platforms where we can all share positive things
  7. I always thought that German Christmas trees look much nicer than any other Christmas treest in Europe.. this one looks like sad really..
  8. There is nothing better than staying in those port hotels. They are so nice and cozy and especially enjoy staying there for a day or two just to enjoy the view of the ocean (if there are rooms like that)
  9. Well, today was the first warm day in New Jersey. I actually left home to walk my dog first time this year (Usually its my daughter doing it). I enjoyed the walk, the weather and the overall calmness of the outside world.
  10. There is no surprise about it. I mean people have been waiting and longing for so long, and now they finally have a chance to make a purchase. I am sure the demand is super high right now
  11. Princess is such a nice ship and such a nice cruiser. I really like the way they keep promoting their company and their ship. I was there only ones a few year ago and it was awesome. Cant wait to get on board again. I am sure it will be a goof of a journey
  12. I have never had a single vaccine in my life, just like my family and we see no reason of having this vaccine either. Its just another type of flue which is mutating every year. You do a vaccine now, then there is another type of virus and so on..
  13. Dealing with all those claims is such a headache. I would rather avoid it and purchase a ticket with a 100% return policy in case of everything. I see no reason of dealing with it right now. In any case, I hope you manage to deal with it and reach your goals
  14. I doubt the buffet, restaurants and cafes will be the same when the lockdown is over. I really want to see all this variability but unfortunately they will totally limit their menu and specials. I even wonder how many people would like to cruise when pandemic is over
  15. Well, we all try to catch the best deal available out there. Sometimes its hard and I totally understand that. I think one of the main points of doing it is to be in contact with something that you truly admire and love. Which is cruising
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