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  1. Changed, cruises can! See this translation from Shipping Italy Home Ships In Italy, cruises can continue to sail: Dpcm revised in extremis November 4, 2020 Two ships of Costa Crociere and MSC Cruises in the port of Genoa Unlike what was predicted in the latest draft circulated until late yesterday evening, the Dpcm that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed last night and which was published in the Official Gazette does not stop cruises. Article 8 of the decree, entitled 'Provisions relating to cruise ships and foreign-flagged ships' specifies in fact that "Cruise services by Italian-flagged passenger ships can only be carried out in compliance with the specific guidelines referred to in to annex 17 of this decree, validated by the technical-scientific committee referred to in article 2 of the ordinance of 3 February 2020, n. 630, of the Head of the Civil Protection Department, starting from the date of August 15, 2020 ". Therefore with the same rules for the restart of the ships adopted so far. The second paragraph adds that "Cruise services can be used by those who are not subjected or obliged to comply with health surveillance and / or fiduciary isolation measures and who have not stayed or transited in the fourteen days prior to embarkation in states or territories referred to in lists C, D, E and F of Annex 20 ". These are the countries considered most at risk for the spread of infections.
  2. Meraviglia passing our house in northern Sardinia.
  3. Tweeted Antonio Paradiso, MSC, who responsed immediately ' we are not cancelling anything,we're just updating our system with some itinerary changes. No idea who is saying such things' Next time, better to check facts before posting. I was very upset for nothing!
  4. Feeling a bit sick to read your post about the Grandiosa Nov cancellations. we are booked on 8th November from Genoa. Haven't heard anything from MSC. Our booking is still there and we are due to pay the balance by 8 Oct. Leaving it to the last minute, obviously. We're English living in Italy and want to celebrate our special number anniversary. Is this what normally happens, they pull the bookings and then inform the passengers? One sad person now.
  5. You're right, of course. Its only a positive from MSC side. It still has to be with the ports of Barcelona, Palma, Marseille and Genoa. Anything could happen in these 4 months.
  6. I sent him a DM on Twitter as he gave the interview. It was a follow up question. I'm sorry you have unanswered questions. Hasn't MSC been helpful?
  7. I have just received a reply from the CEO , Antonio Paradiso. He said'yes, Grandiosa is one of the first ships resuming its operations' Happy that my Nov cruise is happening.
  8. Good morning hamrag, Reading the world of cruising magazine after cruisingfox kindly helped me. I found this interview by MSC UK manager: https://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/msc-cruises-interview-when-can-we-cruise/
  9. Thank you, CruisingFox, found out that msc are restarting 14 out of 17 ships from Oct. I've asked the question if my cruise is one of them.
  10. Hi CruisingFox, Thank you for your information. we are booked on our first cruise in November with MSC grandiosa from Barcellona. (we live in italy) where you do get your information from, as it will help. Thank you.
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