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  1. If you have followed all the instructions outlined in Send an email to community@cruisecritic.com explaining the problem. Use the email in your account profile and include your username.
  2. And rarely have access to necessary communications and equipment.
  3. One wonders at the point of communities coming together in political associations if not to cooperate in overcoming mutual threats.
  4. Always hard to be sure how disorganized things truly are. People are rarely as interested in well organized, smoothly operating endeavours as in SAFU. So of course media tends to concentrate on the later. Which tends to give everyone the impression that it's worse than it really is. Seems to me that 1.5 million injections nationwide yesterday suggests things are going a bit better than some seem to think.
  5. Snowbirds, i.e. people that winter in FL, may not have an FL id, yet I believe are entitled to vaccination.
  6. True. But I suspect it's only because we typically know little about living with the disease. Obviously written by lawyers. I'm waiting for the caution to only get injected by a licensed medical practitioner, or to always take the pills with water.
  7. Since the federal government is paying for the vaccine, can a state refuse it to any US resident?
  8. Since it will be another year or so before vaccines will be approved for young children that would push cruise resumption back to mid to late 2022.
  9. This sort of behavior is not confined to tourists.
  10. Odd then that they didn't have anyone filling in the cards while people waited.
  11. Did you not have to park for 15 minutes or so after in case of a bad reaction?
  12. Sometimes simple is best. Some years ago, Emerald Princess, International Café, fresh made mozzarella, ripe tomato, fresh basil on a croissant.
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