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  1. This suggests that the CDC should engage in some sort of negotiation with the cruise lines. An attitude I find worrisome. The CDC is charged with protecting people from disease, not enabling commercial enterprises. If cruise lines find the CDC guidance impossible to follow these transnational profit oriented entities should inform prospective customers. The current practice of accepting deposits for product that is true vaporware is unethical.
  2. You were trying to upload photos. Glad you got it sorted. For future reference moving data from a local device to something on the net (i.e. a server) is known as uploading. Downloading is the process of moving something from the net (server) to a local device.
  3. What do you consider the first unread post feature? On my Android tablet using Chrome, tapping the blue dot / star takes me to the first unread.
  4. You are trying to move photos from cc to your ipad?
  5. Dr Fauci said this because people only die AFTER suffering the disease. I.E. Not instantly upon contracting the virus. We can expect an increase in death rates in two to three weeks. I don't think Dr Fauci has ever said herd immunity is a given. In fact he has said that it may not develop for COVID-19.
  6. Not so. Go to the data. There are good studies out there that indicate mask wearing makes a difference. Non N95 masks like those worn by the mayor of Atlanta do not provide a high degree of protection for the wearer. The primary reason for wearing one is to protect others. This is not opinion, check the data. Anyone may label themselves an expert. Check the actual data and those that rely on data.
  7. As Dr Fauci and others said at the time, it was more important that masks be reserved for medical staff. Once data established that non medical masks are effective the guidance changed to encourage mask wearing. I simply don't understand the argument that because expert thinking has changed, it has to be wrong. If one doesn't want to accept current recommendations, at least take the time to gather real data so that a reasoned decision can be made. Virus don't care about what people chose to believe.
  8. A matter of perspective: Opportunity to express artistic creativity through fashion sensitive facial coverings More room in and around pools, no chair hogs More attentive dining and bar services Less crowding in lounges Less pushing and shoving on elevators More room in theaters and other performance venues Less crowding in ports
  9. I wonder if there will be one-way passageways on residential decks?
  10. I guess it's a matter of perception. Relatively small groups rioting in a few cities over 2 - 3 nights does not strike me as rampant. For the most part the majority of protests were reasonably peaceful. I certainly don't consider tens of thousands of people parading through cities rioters or looters.
  11. There was very little rioting & looting and the federal government was certainly not authorized to do anything about it. Had it tried I suspect there would be many, possibly including the quoted, screaming about state rights. While 1.5 billion is a massive amount, it represents less than 0.1% of the total issued. Not an excuse, but speed was more important than accuracy at the time.
  12. Mask wearing is easily extended to organizations receiving government funds or providing goods or services. Personally I think the opposition to wearing masks is a sign of insanity.
  13. For the most part this thread is utter nonsense. The CDC is not alone in denying cruise ship berthing. The science is straightforward and well known. Only the most desperate would ignore the science and allow cruising before effective vaccine or treatments are available.
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