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  1. Have you cleared website cache as well in the last few days? Subsequent to the login issue being fixed users have to clear both cache and cookies to get rid of the login problem. If you haven't done so, that may be the problem.
  2. It's the third post in the Sun Roll Call forum. It likely is not showing up in the finder because it has a dash in the title.
  3. Clear cookies for boards.cruisecritic.com and if any, www.cruisecritic.com.
  4. Despite Apples built in malware detection, Safari is open to hijacking like any other browser. You might download and run the free version of Malwarebytes for Mac, https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac/. Did you try just using an ad blocker? Or, just disabling Javascript? If you think the malware is coming thru CC, I'd suggest an email to help@cruisecritic.com.
  5. It is wonky. My recollection is also that previously it did change immediately, and in fact the first time I tried it on post 1 the number changed. But as I tried liking and unliking the post the number got out of step. A page reload/refresh corrects the display. So possibly this behavior has existed from day one and was simply unobserved until now.
  6. Our excursion guide warned us about getting too close to the Antilla wreck because of the strong current. It is also in reasonably deep water. Even with the warning I managed to scare myself, so I can't imagine it would be a good spot for most pre-teens. It is a current, not choppiness or transient. Our ship excursion stopped in two places. The other stop had a school of yellow tails. A truly unique experience and to my mind quite safe.
  7. No simple way. You could scroll through the roll call thread and manually record the username and, if given location of posters.
  8. Have you read https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/ recently? If the submission violates any of the guidelines it may not get posted and I don't believe you would be informed.
  9. That is still possible. Click on the magnifying glass at the right of the search edit. This will bring up a search form with two tabs. Type the first few letters of the member name. Click on the Member Search tab and then the Search Members button in the bottom right of the form. Depending on how much of the name you entered the list of matching members may take several seconds. (If Search Term is left empty it can take over 15 seconds.)
  10. Can you link the reference to CC indicating it is not going to provide an update needed by Tapatalk?
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