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  1. Anywhere near a bar open at midnight? The wife's account probably reflects the amount of alcohol in her system.
  2. The most likely cause of the problem is that the signature violates site limits. Check for blank lines.
  3. I don't believe that the follow member feature is enabled.
  4. A roll call is nothing more than a thread, it is not possible to create a "sub" thread. If you want to discuss some aspect of a voyage just make a post in the roll call thread. Anyone interested will likely quote you.
  5. I've not heard of a Seven Mile beach in Cozumel. The one on Grand Cayman is quite famous.
  6. You cannot directly delete a post. You may report the post and ask a moderator that it be removed. The post may not be removed despite your requires. To report a post using a pc, move the mouse cursor over the post to make the Report post link appear in the upper right corner. Click on the link. Complete the popup and click Submit Report. To cancel the popup click outside of it. On a mobile tap the flag icon in the upper right area of the post.
  7. I believe you may misunderstand "loyalty" when it involves cruise lines. Customers are expected to be loyal to a cruise line, not the other way around.,
  8. From the main Categories list, find the ROLL CALLS section. Locate the cruise line and click on the link. Then click on the ship link. All roll calls for the ship are listed there. On a pc you can then use Search to help find a particular voyage.
  9. Tapatalk is not owned or maintained by CC.
  10. If you are taking any prescription medication or have any medical issues I'd advise talking with your doctor before taking Meclizine. It may be perfectly safe for you, it may not.
  11. You might try using Chrome on the iPhone to see if it offers better performance than Safari.
  12. If an ipad and an iphone on the same wifi network access the same web pages with significantly different load times, it seems logical to me that the website not the most likely source of the difference.
  13. Fifteen seconds would be slow. Is this for most pages or just the first few?
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