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  1. I think the airlines are more against having to bear the cost of a proof of vaccination than the actual implementation. In fact 22 airlines are currently testing the IATA Travel Pass. Travel passes would not slow down air travel. After all airlines already verify passports and photo ID.
  2. At the moment Grandiosa is calling at several Italian ports and Valletta, Malta. Only residents of Schengen countries are allowed to book. Given the nature of the Schengen zone it is effectively a single country so the example is not really valid.
  3. So he wants the same rules applied to me when I take a 10 minute taxi somewhere as when Carnival puts 6,000 people in a confined space for 7 days and visits several countries? A level playing field can only exist when one is dealing with the same thing. A single airplane ride is vastly different from a seven day cruise. Anyone who doesn't understand that is truly ignorant. It's truly hopeless. Explain to me a) how a day at Disney world is the same as seven days at sea; and b) why a state regulated local activity must have the same regulation as an internationa
  4. The CDC mandate is assuredly not to provide justice in an unfair world. Nor is it legally able to dictate health policy to businesses within state borders.
  5. Besides, it's going to take years of analysis to understand what was effective, why, and under what conditions. Arguing about what worked and didn't is a pointless exercise.
  6. I don't see myself cruising under these rules for some time, if ever. I suspect the paranoia level is going to remain high for a while. Which is going to mean that the slightest of symptoms and a false positive will likely terminate my cruise.
  7. One of my favorite excursions in FL is to Shark Valley in Everglades National Park. The bird life is wonderful and alligators abound.
  8. Would you please provide a link to the authority under which the CDC could close the casinos in a state.
  9. That appears to be normal behavior. Perhaps an async timing issue in some environments.
  10. Yes. The VSP is an accommodation that allows the CDC to fulfill it's mandate while enabling same day turn around for cruise ships. @chengkp75 has outline in several different threads the alternative that CDC could implement if it truly did not care about the impact it had on the cruise industry.
  11. Thinking that cruise lines will move large numbers of ships out of the US is a pipe dream. Thinking that the threat of such a move would impact CDC thinking incorrectly presumes that the CDC is not making its decisions based on its best estimation of what is required (within its mandate) to minimize the impact of covid in the US.
  12. The entity that administered your vaccination has to keep a record, for liability protection if nothing else. But also tracing for medical and billing purposes.
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