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  1. amgslg, I second catlover54. The first SB cruise is earlier and thus still more in "summer" and the ports are IMHO "better". Santorini is usually way overcrowded (we stayed on board last 2 cruises) and personally we like the ports on the first cruise more. But this is "personal"! Like others we have been avid SS fans for 12 years and nearly 200 days. We tried SB in 2014 as we got fed up with the deteriorating service and the constant cost cutting. We did SS again in 2015 and 2016 and endured Prosecco being passed on as Champagne. Replacing the sugarcoated dried ginger in the MDR with ginger flavoured candy "broke the camels back" and we have been on SB ever since...
  2. Mauzak, same procedure. Book and pay on-line. Visit SB Square and they will handle it all.
  3. Not operational on the Quest right now neither.....
  4. The cruise consultant on board has them...😍
  5. Here are some of the non Antartica itineraries between July 2021 and April 2022 to wet yr appetites
  6. Mid September 2018. Weather was perfect. Ports still a bit crowded so. Guess July crowds will be more and Temperatures a bit higher. Assume excursions will be similar if not identical as they are handled by local suppliers. We looked up the excursions Silversea did several years ago when we visited some of the same ports and the ones on SB last year were identical.
  7. "favourite" can mean many things... From an itinerary pov we loved Anchorage to Tokyo, Dubai to Monte Carlo and an all around the Black Sea cruise. Also Istanbul to Venice. Interesting ports, scenery, routing, cultural exposures. From a wonderful, relaxing vacation pov 14days Greek islands from Athens to Athens. Lovely ports to stroll around. No need for excursions. 100% stress free. Have not done Antartica, but you asked for variety.
  8. Lirio, we are on the same cruise and have just started a roll call for it. If you want to join, please check the roll call section in a couple of days (as it takes up to 48h for a new roll call to appear....). Best regards, MJN1
  9. Cojomo, we sofar never got that info from SB, but also never asked. You can usually find where ships dock on-line, like http://www.olp.gr/en/cruise-greece/cruise-programme The taxi will drop you off right at the baggage drop off point.
  10. We found the yellow taxis to work just fine and they have a fixed rate from the airport to Piraeus port. The rates are posted at the taxi stand outside the terminal and are all inclusive, i.e. luggage and tolls. I think the current rates are Euro 50 or 54 and if you give him 5 or 6 Euros extra this is a very generous tip!
  11. Raphael360, there are also regular buses from KIX to Kobe (e.g. the main downtown Sanomiya station): www.kate.co.jp/en/timetable/detail/KB The ferry is subject to weather conditions. The bus is subject to traffic conditions, but runs frequently and is very reliable.
  12. Just to clear up a potential misconception: there is no way to spend 1hour (and even less 2) in a taxi in Kobe. Also Kobe airport is a very small airport with few, primarily internal Japan flights. So if you really landing at Kobe (and not at KIX - the international airport south of Osaka) the trip to either terminal where cruiseships usually dock in Kobe should be 15 to 30 min and max. 30 $.
  13. Stumblefoot, It is per person! 2015/16 the per diem per person for a SilverSuite was $ 740 on the Shadow and < $ 1,000 on the Wind. Pretty steep increases considering inflation and number of new ships in MHO.... Just wondered if this is what is happening across all SS cruises or just an aberration.
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