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  1. The Floating Festival cruises are excellent - if you can transfer to them (and get a free drinks package thrown in) then I would do it in a heartbeat. https://floatingfestivals.co.uk/
  2. The Mauritius national public broadcaster MBC, reports that 230 Mauritian crew members, called to resume service on cruise ships at the port of Genova in Italy, left Mauritius on a charter flight on Wednesday, July 29. MBC reports that among these Mauritian crew, a good number are made up of new recruits who will be in training before joining different cruise ships. They boarded Alitalia aircraft which repatriated 153 cruise ship crew back to Mauritius on Wednesday, July 29. According to our source, the new joiners are MSC crew, ready to board cruise ships docked in Genova. Most of them will join MSC Grandiosa. http://crew-center.com/230-mauritian-crew-arrive-italy-restart-msc-cruise-ships?fbclid=IwAR1I1G8R461mnthzaGCNzXI5LidxvvfvN-ytcjKoHcKo3-o6dJXmlRnjRqg
  3. From another source...... Some of you may have seen my message of ‘hope’ that my daughter works for Crystal Cruises and that she had been asked to ready herself to rejoin her ship in October to recommence cruising in November. Sadly it is NOT to be. I have first hand information direct from a message to crew (my daughter has just cried on my shoulder. Regretfully, Crystal Cruises have now suspended all operations for 2020 😢
  4. https://www.miraycruises.com/files/GEMINIbrochureenglish_new.pdf
  5. http://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships
  6. http://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships
  7. http://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships
  8. The horrible thing is that there are so many crew STILL on ships waiting to go home. For the most part, the cruise lines are doing what they can and stranded crew are praising them. The problem is that many Countries refuse to allow their own citizens back home and/or the transport arrangements are a shambles and flights, buses etc are cancelled at the last minute.
  9. Lets do our own Cruise Critic count shall we? If we start with 99 (the "less than 100" claimed by their Senior Vice President) I am owed 3 refunds for over 100 days So, that leaves just 96 other refunds How about yours?
  10. According to Royal Caribbean............... Royal Caribbean has only 100 reservations waiting more than 30 days for a refund Vicki Freed, Royal Caribbean's Senior Vice President, Sales, Trade Support and Service, proudly informed travel agents on her weekly webinar that there are just 100 reservations left that are waiting more than 30 days for a refund. As I have 2 cruise refunds (plus a drinks package refund), I find her statement incredibly hard to believe.
  11. http://crew-center.com/costa-cruises-plans-re-start-voyages-7-ships-5-phases?fbclid=IwAR2Y_FsJ4bDOK9gkhn4ux_OVfQOfLBcqfToVBJd_bADtJqa2iCuNDRA30t4 Costa (carnival owned) are planning a very slow restart, in several phases; Phase 1 - August - 3 ships - Italian guests only Phase 2 - October - 4 ships - Italian, Spanish and French guests only Phase 3 - November - 4 ships - European guests only Phase 4 - December - 6 ships - European guests only Phase 5 - date tbc - 7 ships - guests tbc If they are "leading the way" then there are going to be a hell of a lot of Mediterranean cancellations from other cruise lines between now and Christmas. Occupancy will be set between 50% and 80% capacity. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough to get on any Costa ship again.
  12. 3 x drinks x 7 nights = probably $10-$15 total COST to Royal Yes, I'm willing to bet that the COST of a meal in a speciality restaurant will be less than $10. Then, guests will probably be paying top $$ to buy the drinks they got for free before. It's also a great way to get people trying the alternative dining venues. 25% off, 50% off or 100% off one venue per sailing depending on loyalty tier.
  13. As we're talking old music acts, 2 or 3 years ago we saw Jimmy James (without the Vagabonds) on a P&O Britannia cruise. This little frail old guy, in a suit jacket that looked 3 sizes too big for him, slowly made his way to centre stage and then blew us all away with his vocals (even his dance steps were pretty good lol). I believe he's still performing now, just approaching his 80th birthday.
  14. Id like to see a complete overhaul of C&A. Remove the free drinks and that will make plenty of room in the lounge. Depending on loyalty level, offer a free meal in a speciality restaurant. Lower tier get a free lunch and higher up you get a free meal in a better (more expensive) dining venue. That would also spread out diners. There's then room to add loyalty tiers (perhaps at 400 and 600) between D+ and Pinnacle. Perhaps have a 50% chefs table discount at 400 and free chefs table for pinnacle. I just think they can do much, much more with C&A without the need for free booze. PS my wife and I like a good drink so we're not against all booze lol
  15. We had a B2B booked with Royal, sailing September 13 and 20. Sensing that the 13th was to be cancelled, I cancelled our drinks packages. A few days later, Royal did cancel the cruise. I'm now waiting for refunds of the drinks and the cruise (its only been 2 weeks or so). However, I decided to cancel the drinks package on our Sept 20th cruise yesterday - and got that refund today - less than 24 hours. There is certainly no logic to their system.
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