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  1. YC will make your children welcome. However, most YC passengers will probably not. There are no child-friendly areas inside YC or in the exclusive pool area. I honestly think your youngster would enjoy the other areas of the ship - why not save the YC experience for when they're older and can appreciate what they are getting.
  2. Not much of the ship at all - which is a shame as MSC ships are very "glitzy". Last week (I think it was the last episode) they had a meal ashore and said it was the best thing they've eaten all week - and I would go along with that lol MSC food is nothing special at all. It would have to be a really good deal to get me sailing with them in cattle-class again - Yacht Club is something entirely different but is getting pricier every year.
  3. What are Floating Festivals? - really hope they pull through this and perhaps contract another cruise line for 2022. 80s Music Weekender Musical Theatre Mon-Fri
  4. The problem is that the 2020 cruises were covid cancelled and royal offered new dates for 2021. FF obviously transfered bookings to the new dates and continued selling for 2021. (Its interesting to consider that 99% of outdoor events in the UK only get local authority permission a few days before a performance so it is not uncommon to sell tickets beforehand.) What has happened in the case of FF and Royal is that Royal would have needed to update the booking contract with FF. No doubt, that would include clauses limiting venue occupancy should Covid not be sorted or re-emerge. You cant have a Festival with only 50 out of 4,000 permitted in a venue. It is a great shame as these Festivals were fantastic mini cruises. I dont have an issue with FF continuing to sell cruises without a signed Contract BUT think they are being extremely naive in thinking all is guaranteed to be free of covid precautions.
  5. Originally re-scheduled to 2021, an official announcement from Floating Festivals..... Floating Festivals We are deeply upset and sorry to inform you that the 2021 Floating Festivals will not take place. Despite Royal Caribbean initially agreeing to postpone the sailings from this year to the following dates in 2021: Sail Away with Jane McDonald Sep 12 to Sep 19 / Stages Sep 19 – 23 / Throwback Sep 23 - 26 and providing us a statement to email our customers back in June 2020, they recently took the decision not to move forward with the planned deferment for these three music charters to 2021. Floating Festivals have worked hard to find a solution with Royal Caribbean, Following Royal Caribbean’s PR department preparing the agreed email to guests booked in 2020 advising of the postponement to 2021, Royal Caribbean presented Floating Festivals with a new Contract. The new contract had terms that were not acceptable to Floating Festivals. Despite repeated attempts by Floating Festivals to negotiate reasonable terms, Royal Caribbean was not prepared to concede & this resulted in the cancellation of the cruise by Royal Caribbean. As of today, Royal Caribbean hold significant funds from Floating Festivals for both the cruise and pre-purchased packages. Lawyers acting on behalf of Floating Festivals are working to secure the return of these funds in order that these can be returned to our loyal customers. The actions of Royal Caribbean mean that we can no longer continue with Floating Festivals in 2021. We have had two fantastic years delivering some amazing Charter cruises. We will be in touch over the coming days to advise customers of the next steps to claim their refund. Floating Festivals.
  6. From another forum... Due to an unexpected issue MSC Grandiosa may not set sail on 16th August. This has been reported by a trusted MSC crew member but at this time there is no official update. I do not like posting news without proof but I trust the crew member who reported this sad news. I am sure MSC will do an official announcement soon.
  7. The Floating Festival cruises are excellent - if you can transfer to them (and get a free drinks package thrown in) then I would do it in a heartbeat. https://floatingfestivals.co.uk/
  8. The Mauritius national public broadcaster MBC, reports that 230 Mauritian crew members, called to resume service on cruise ships at the port of Genova in Italy, left Mauritius on a charter flight on Wednesday, July 29. MBC reports that among these Mauritian crew, a good number are made up of new recruits who will be in training before joining different cruise ships. They boarded Alitalia aircraft which repatriated 153 cruise ship crew back to Mauritius on Wednesday, July 29. According to our source, the new joiners are MSC crew, ready to board cruise ships docked in Genova. Most of them will join MSC Grandiosa. http://crew-center.com/230-mauritian-crew-arrive-italy-restart-msc-cruise-ships?fbclid=IwAR1I1G8R461mnthzaGCNzXI5LidxvvfvN-ytcjKoHcKo3-o6dJXmlRnjRqg
  9. From another source...... Some of you may have seen my message of ‘hope’ that my daughter works for Crystal Cruises and that she had been asked to ready herself to rejoin her ship in October to recommence cruising in November. Sadly it is NOT to be. I have first hand information direct from a message to crew (my daughter has just cried on my shoulder. Regretfully, Crystal Cruises have now suspended all operations for 2020 😢
  10. https://www.miraycruises.com/files/GEMINIbrochureenglish_new.pdf
  11. http://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships
  12. http://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships
  13. http://crew-center.com/greece-ready-open-six-ports-cruise-ships
  14. The horrible thing is that there are so many crew STILL on ships waiting to go home. For the most part, the cruise lines are doing what they can and stranded crew are praising them. The problem is that many Countries refuse to allow their own citizens back home and/or the transport arrangements are a shambles and flights, buses etc are cancelled at the last minute.
  15. Lets do our own Cruise Critic count shall we? If we start with 99 (the "less than 100" claimed by their Senior Vice President) I am owed 3 refunds for over 100 days So, that leaves just 96 other refunds How about yours?
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