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  1. I have done one cruise on Avalon (in one of their panorama suites) and four on Uniworld, including two on the Seine. We tend to travel early in the season, as those cruises are usually the ones discounted. Most recently, we were upgraded to a suite on the Joie de Vivre. The suite was about the same size as Avalon’s suite we were in. Uniworld had Butler service and the savoir bedding, both of which gave them the advantage. We find the level of service and attention to detail much better on Uniworld. The staff, across the board, has been much engaging (especially the cruise directors) We also prefer the nearly all-inclusive pricing. Food is always subjective, but we Feel Uniworld offers more choices, and is overall better in quality. If traveling in late March is an option, check the pricing. Robin
  2. I believe their final cruise of the season was ended a week or two ago. Robin
  3. The erroneous serving happened on the last full day of the cruise, in Paris. We had gone off on our own, so missed the shenanigans. The bartender told us about it later. We were all in tears. That bartender has now moved on to the Viking Sea, and works in the Explorer's Lounge. Our bartender on the Star this past spring is good friends with him, and sent him a pic of the 3 of us, and reminded him of the story. We all had a good laugh:-) Robin
  4. Definitely added with the change. I can't recall what was there on our cruise in 2015. It's great to have facilities onboard, if you don't get complimentary laundry.
  5. On our first Seine River cruise, we "lost" a passenger in Les Andelys, and after searching for her for 45 minutes, left. The cruise director was distraught, but had told the local shop keepers to be on the lookout. Sure enough, about 30 minutes after our departure, the CD got a call from a shopkeeper, who was going to drive the lady to the next lock, to meet the ship. The passenger was older, and, shall we say "well rounded" and it was quite a sight, watching the staff try to "hoist" her onto the ship, while it was approaching/moving through the lock. The event did result in the creation of a mixed drink on board, which was given the name of her cabin #. That turned into its own story, as the bartender made a few pitchers in advance, one of which was mistakenly served as the "welcome back" punch as we arrived back from an excursion. Robin
  6. I was on the Countess in 2013, a couple of years after you. The laundry room was there at that time. I suppose it could have been added during that 2 year time period. We've since taken advantage of the free bag/passenger. Robin
  7. The current U ships (formerly the Ambassador and Baroness) did not have laundry facilities. I think those were the only two who didn't. Robin
  8. This is usual and customary for Uniworld, and it's why I usually wait to book until this time of year. It's not exclusive too Uniworld.
  9. This was just posted by Host Jazzbeau a few days ago. Robin
  10. I've never looked at solo pricing. It appears to be about double? (We had friends who had looked at an early November departure on the Venice cruise, and it seemed like it was ~$1800/person for them). I think the bottom-line, moral of the story is, their prices have really gone up.......And, in doing dummy bookings, these cruises aren't booking quickly, so it isn't a supply and demand issue. The onboard service and product are outstanding, but not THAT outstanding:-) Robin
  11. And this is what Roz and I have concerns about, I think. When we booked our 2018 cruise in the fall of 2017, our TA was able to get us a "Labor Day" special, with an extra % off, plus the River Heritage Discount, plus the !0% off if we paid in full (this has always been an offering with Uniworld) Plus, as RHC members, we were entitled to a one class upgrade, based on availability. We booked aquarium class, and the total for 2 of us was $4100. Now, only some sailings have a small RHC discount, they advertise the "10% if paid in full" as some special offering, and our TA can no longer discount, but can give us a gift card once we sail. For the 2020 sailing, the price is $3179/person plus port fees (they are offering "free air" but I"d rather use miles. I'm not sure if they would discount for not using this, my guess is "not" given their current way of doing business.) On their Rhone cruises, "free air" looks to be about a $700 value, as the free air cruises are priced $700 more than the cruises without free air. I guess some people are foolish enough to pay those prices, and fall for these marketing tactics. But, there are too many other choices out there. Robin
  12. St. Mark's private night tour was definitely a highlight for us as well. Sitting in the dark, and the lights coming on, one by one...... Another favorite itinerary of ours!! Robin
  13. I was thinking about you yesterday, glad you enjoyed it! That was our first "river cruise" so will always be special. Uniworld's onboard experience has always been top-notch for us. (Right now, it's the corporate shenanigans we aren't pleased with) The Venice itinerary is certainly unique, but the scenery can't be beat, especially with good weather. Where's your next one? Robin
  14. It is the same on the American site, and, I agree, the prices are very reasonable. I would much rather pay for the shore excursions I wanted, and have my drinks included onboard Robin
  15. Very interesting! Will definitely add them to our list. Robin
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