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  1. Thank you so much. She woke me up at 10 pm confused and with a headache. Not unusual because she has migraines in the passed. But I called 911. It took 10 minutes for paramedics to get to our house. They lost her on the way to hospital. Massive brain aneurism She didn’t suffer
  2. So sorry seven1113 for your loss. My wife passed away in July and we had 3 trips planned. I called Viking and I felt they were very good at explaining to me options. We did have the trip insurance but I decided it would be better to take my adult kids on the cruises. Of course one was canceled and the other 2 are on shaky ground for sure. Viking refunded the money on the canceled trip as they had told me they would do. I will wait on the other trips to let them cancel. My kids are excited to go cruising but understand it may not happen. So sorry you are having issue
  3. Might be a tough sale today.....since many of us already can get or have one. Just saying
  4. Pete Looks like Costco just started selling a kit that they say is a trusted partner for Hawaii. Have you heard any thing about it? https://www.costco.com/covid-19-saliva-pcr-test-kit-with-video-observation-for-travel.product.100714933.html
  5. Yes good advice. The other thing that I have been told is the 72 hours start when do the test, not when you get it back. You have a very small window.
  6. I know NOTHING... NOTHING as Sergeant Schultz would say..... That is the rules they have. Can they change tomorrow... for sure. I also know you have to do an app for your health every day....Like I said... Just follow the rules https://www.alaskaair.com/content/next-level-care/hawaii
  7. We are able to go to Hawaii next month with a 72 hour of arrival or boarding negative corona test. https://www.gohawaii.com/travel-requirements Can go to a local drug store to do the test. Getting it done is going to be a bit of a challenge. A couple of friends did Portland to Seattle to Hawaii trip because Seattle has next day results. Clinic is right by Seatac. https://www.alaskaair.com/content/next-level-care/covid-testing Does not seem impossible that they could work out some thing like that in the future in Europe???? Will they do it... Good question?
  8. So I wonder where you get accurate news today in a world that changes every 15 minutes?
  9. Testing before getting on plane? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8950531/United-Airlines-run-Covid-free-transatlantic-flight-London-New-York-week.html
  10. https://fortworthbusiness.com/business/fort-worth-firm-makes-investment-in-cruise-line/
  11. In today's world every day is a new day....The one thing I know for sure is unless cruising get started again a bunch of the companies are going broke.
  12. If only Carnac at the Magnificent was with us today..
  13. It's going to be interesting how Pfizers vaccine turns out. If I got a vaccine that is 60% efficacy it sure is a lot better than what I am right now. It looks like Pfizers is going to push it out as soon as possible. I understand Hawaii is going to have an app that they scan when you enter to see if you have had a test within 72 hours. Assuming they will put it on the app if you have had a vaccine. I'm sure airlines and other counties will follow
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