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  1. My questionnaire link is broken (goes to an error page) for the latest offer. Latest PUP Offer (20 points): A new year is upon us, and after a particularly tough 2020, many are entering 2021 with a restored sense of purpose and new goals for the future. Here at Celebrity, our #1 New Year’s Resolution is to return to service safely so we can open up the world again for our members. Tell us your top 2021 resolution by January 17, 2021 and earn 20 Power Up Points.* STEP 1 Complete Questionnaire STEP 2 Post on Social STE
  2. I think she would have definitely benefited from a headset (or earbuds), and I agree live closed captioning would be helpful. Overall, though, I enjoyed the webinar.
  3. Everything looks okay on my end. I see both the slides and live speaker as appropriate.
  4. The audio so far is off to a much better start than the Oct. webinar.
  5. I think it ends up being pick any two cruises that are currently listed on the Celebrity website. Maybe they'll use it for gauging demand (or maybe targeted marketing?), but I don't think it's checking at all if you've already booked the cruises you indicated in the wish list. I don't think it checks to see if you've even entered the correct ship and sail date.
  6. New activity today for 20 PUPs: Browse our sailings and create your holiday wish list by telling us which cruises interest you the most. Choose your top two cruises and then click the “Make My Wish List” link below. Share the ships, sail dates and destinations with us by December 8th to earn 20 Power Up Points. Wish List Link/Submission Form: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/page.aspx?QS=a4b456927599dbac2aab9a7b697761947ccd9970306de4be701ec92781a2f5bd0e57ad834dd299b3ae6aec62663443b7842ad57847439feeb87813daa38406878e136998cf4749e561af9dfb9e62f88f5e8bb474b15c0f5fb
  7. They're using GoToWebinar, although like Zoom or other platforms, the maximum number of participants varies depending on the plan paid for (the more expensive, the more participants). It looks like GoToWebinar maxes out at 3,000 (Zoom maxes out at 10,000).
  8. I registered within nine minutes of receiving the email (based on the email timestamp). It took me a minute to look up my CC number. Given the apparently limited registration, this favored people on the East Coast. If they're worried or constrained by tech issues for registration volume, could they consider adding another webinar session (they wouldn't have to give the CC points twice)?
  9. Webinar Registration Link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7052969480191617294
  10. Some of the airline and hotel ones have arguably improved due to the pandemic, although as a general trend, usually the benefits erode away with time (and/or there are higher thresholds to achieve the same benefits).
  11. It is interesting how priority embarkation disappeared (with priority tender service and shipboard departure lounge remaining as elite benefits) and wasn't phrased as a COVID-19 cutback, unlike removing Zenith access to the Retreat.
  12. For comparison, I've also attached the old (pre-Nov. 2020) benefits flyer and chart as a PDF to this post. captains-club-tiers-and-benefits-chart.pdf
  13. Mine still looks exactly the same as it did last week, with no breakout of PUP points.
  14. Especially since it seems they're suggesting they'll be encouraging people to partake (or further modifying the CC benefit).
  15. Yes, and it actually starts at the Classic level (like before), based on the flyer.
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