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  1. 😡 I thought this was video and kept clicking and clicking, and the picture just kept getting bigger. 😆
  2. I understand Bliss also has the fish carpet, according to a video I am watching recorded from Bliss.
  3. Hmm? I'm 5'6" and I have always preferred tubs with high walls. I have two at home; the guest bath has a 15" high wall that looks like it was made for kids. The one in my bathroom is 18" and is still too low, though it is easy to sit on. I still wish it was 2 or 3 inches higher. How high are these tubs?
  4. Yeah I know, RC has the advantage that they have the amenities to keep there guests entertained for 6 months. Those other lines focus on the destination.
  5. Just shows how committed folk are to RC not to see their being ripped off. 61K$ for an inside versus what Regent, Crystal, or other luxury lines offer is whacky, BUT, they aren't party ships either. They are full luxury, RC is not. My point is anyone paying 61k$ to spend 274 days for an inside room is a waste of money. But as you said, some people will pay that for an inside room, even if they only use it to sleep. I just wonder if they will get the same service and experience as the upper suite guests who pay over a 100K$.
  6. I have fond memories of the monkey cage at the Los Angeles Zoo as a child. So...🙊💩
  7. Ditto. My first rooms on Celebrity were the 192 sqft AquaClass and Concierge cabins; so now going forward I need 200 sqft, at least. I understand why people sail in Insides, but I could never do it. And RC is just crazy bat turds. They should build a new all suite only (min 300sqft) ship for a World Cruise.
  8. Heh eheh 😆🤣 I had to laugh at the person who will actually pay 61K$ for an INSIDE cabin, when they could have an ALL INCLUSIVE LUXURY SUITE on Regent Seven Seas for the SAME price, even for a World Cruise. Oh, well, some folk are just committed to one line.
  9. I did read the full post;. I was asking why they were choosing to wait rather than call immediately. 😕
  10. See that's what I did, uploaded a pic of Deck 4. But the OP already knew that and just wanted to know if the iLounge was there is the same location as CC, ort maybe they thought CC was the iLounge?
  11. Ohhh, I misunderstood the question...nevamine (misspelled on purpose)
  12. Is there a reason you don't just call them now and just get it taken care of?
  13. Has anyone been to Cabo San Lucas via Norwegian? I want to see Land's End, but want something that sails right through and under the arch, if possible. Did you do any of these excursions, what was the best one for you? FAMOUS ARCH, SEA LIONS AND WHALES https://www.ncl.com/shorex/260505148/47168269/shorex-detail/CSLN21#?productType=EXCURSION&lang=&date=01%2F23%2F2022 EL ARCO, SCENIC STOP & GLASS BLOWING https://www.ncl.com/shorex/260505148/47168269/shorex-detail/CSLN90#?productType=EXCURSION&lang=&date=01%2F23%2F2022 WHALE WATCHING COASTAL CRUISE https://www.ncl.com/shorex/260505148/47168269/shorex-detail/CSLN06#?productType=EXCURSION&lang=&date=01%2F23%2F2022 Thank you. Sorry, links don't work if you don't have an account with NCL. 😕
  14. I thought so too, until I first sailed Equinox and then Infinity. LOL There was a difference, even though both ships were practically carbon copies, the Infinity had the wear and tear of a (near) 20 year old ship, versus Equinox's 10. But the Equinox had just gotten out of drydock for it's upgrade when I sailed in 2019. So for me the Bliss is a new ship; likewise, a ship has to be sailing for at least 20 years for me to call it old; 10(meh 15) years is seasoned. 🙂
  15. I hope mine is by the balcony. My very first cruise on Celebrity Equinox had this configuration (door, couch/desk, bed, balcony) and I loved it. On the Infinity it was by the door (door, bed, couch/desk, balcony), and I didn't care for it too much, but I managed. The extra space between the bed and the door made a difference; and sleeping by the sea a plus. Closets in both cases were easy to get to. [CONCIERGE] [AQUACLASS] Also, the room seems larger, and feels less cramped with the bed by the balcony; both rooms were only 192 square feet.
  16. @luckyinpa " I agree there are lots of eager folks willing to pay the prices. On a newer ship it may possibly be worth it but on something like the Breakaway there's no way I would pay the ongoing pricing. It is over 5,000 for a courtyard in 2 weeks for Bermuda but I think I'm going with the mini Suite Ma. The only thing I'm concerned about is I've heard people getting Q-tips through their brains at the terminal I hope it is worth it" --------------------------- I've been in the house over the last year, so I have only put q-tips in my ears. This will be my first swab-up-the-schoz. 😆 I'll be fully vaccinated by the time that happens though. 🙋🏿‍♂️ Yeah, the Courtyard for my sailing was 29K$ for a solo...yikes-so-owza!
  17. Nope. 😟 I found a full Panama Canal transit cruise I wanted even more. It's on the NCL Bliss in January! Maybe next time, because I want to see the South Side of the Caribbean.
  18. 😁😄 Thanks! Since it's a 14 day cruise I'll pack it, just in case they have a photo with the Captain. Do they even do that? Thanks again for the compliments! 😆🍾
  19. I had to look that up. Thanks, you added anew word to my vocabulary! 🙆🏿‍♂️😄
  20. 1. I'm sure I'll fine with this "mini suite". After all Celebrity's Concierge and AquaClass cabins are similar in size; unless NCL offers me a discounted Haven upgrade, I'll stay in MA. I'm thinking that upgrade would likely cost me 9-10K$ , given what those suites cost now for the same itinerary. 2. Heh eheh, on my first cruise with them in the summer of 2019, I was actually not surprised by the number of scooters I saw. The kids/teens, however, surprised me; I thought it would all adults.
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