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  1. With this now being out there, it is starting to look like July is gone unless May 12th is successful. NCL has been on the front end of being accurate. I can see the cruise lines willing to share their facts, science, and data to support the case.
  2. No, never said covid was a hoax. If you think that so be it. I know it is real. I know it has been blown out of proportion for an agenda. I have had covid. My seasonal allergies were 100x worse than covid. If you believe in the science, show what proof the powers that be have to back that science. Some of the best researchers in the industry have proven that science wrong on every turn. I will trust MIT's complete research on social distance far over no science from the CDC. I will even use the CDC's mask mandates against them. The flip-flopped 6-10x on masks. If it was backed by
  3. Because everyone cannot get the vaccine. Currently it is 16+. By next week it will be 12+. There are still a ton of families with under 12 that cruise. The only thing I have agreed with the CDC on is the flexibility with what they announced last week. I am not keen on the strict number at 5% though. I think that needs to be flexible in case say 8% of the cruise is of children under 12. The cruise lines should have the flexibility with that number.
  4. I disagree as well. Nothing the CDC has done has stopped or remotely reduced the spread of covid. The whole thing of no mask, one mask, not that mask, that mask is now ok, you need two masks, you must social distance, close schools, don't close schools, close restaurants, restaurants can be open until 10PM. All of it is a joke. Then the scientific, repeatable, and provable fact on social distancing from MIT that proves the CDC wrong has never been addressed by them. Remember, Senators and higher do not follow what the CDC says openly discarding it and ignoring it.
  5. Logic and facts do not work with an agenda. Nothing else matters other than that agenda and control. Its happened before, just read a little bit about history.
  6. If you have food or drink at your table, you ARE actively eating or drinking. Are the CDC Security going to sit next to everyone and watch them pull the mask down, take a drink and immediately pull it up? No! This is why it is recommended by realists to always have water with you. You are actively drinking it and it cannot be argued either way. Restaurants here had water at the table upon seating. You are immediately consuming and thus no mask.
  7. It is no coincidence on the timing of the CDC. The change in attitude came within hours of the actual court date in FL. Once the court date was set to May 12th, the CDC took a massive jump back and issued their updated change. They had anticipated it not to head to court so quickly and with a judge that is more aligned with the direction FL and TX are going than the direction of the CDC. They also know if they do lose the case, they won't get a hearing at the FL Supreme Court until after the CSO date of October 31. I know there are a lot of if's and either side can win. If FL/TX/A
  8. You obviously have absolutely no clue do you? This is a win-win situation for the cruise lines regardless of the outcome. If FL and Alaska win, then the CSO is gone. Cruise lines can start as soon as the ports can be staffed and their ships to ports. If the CDC wins, then the cruise lines can continue on their merry way with the mid-July agenda. In the end, the only outcome I would love to see is the CDC put in its place and investigated. They made decisions without data nor facts on publicly traded companies. If any one person profited or prevented loss in the CDC bec
  9. For pocket cameras, I say Panasonic are very good. I had one for a long time. I now have a Panasonic G9 for my DSLR. Canon, Sony, Panasonic are all really good P&S cameras.
  10. I wanted to get another E-mount camera that worked for me, but I could not justify the price. Maybe in a few years when the A7iii comes down in price more, I could do it. My hands simply cannot use the a6xxx models. I did like the A7iii but it would have been $1,000 - $1,200 more than my budget.
  11. Case No. 8:21-cv-839 The case is being heard in Tampa on May 12th. One of two outcomes occur. Regardless, the cruise lines benefit either way. If FL/DeSantis wins, the CSO will have an injunction and cruise lines can reopen without the CDC interfering. If the CDC wins, then cruise lines can ask for vaccine information. In both outcomes, the cruise lines can sail in July.
  12. I would not expect early July to be a go unless the May 12th case is in favor of FL. My belief is that cruise lines are gearing up for a July 17 start date based on the CDC information. Anything prior to that would be test sailings if the cruise lines choose the non-vaccination route. I don't see that happening either. In order to get around both the CDC and DeSantis, I expect the cruise lines to manage this through the honor system. Put a question up asking if they are vaccinated. That satisfies the CDC's requirement and DeSantis. The CDC is requiring 95% vaccinated and DeSantis has signed in
  13. The difference is that the cruise lines are not a privately owned business. They are a multi-billion dollar publicly traded business. Like I said, if the May 12th case is in favor of FL, the injunction on the CSO will allow cruises to operate restriction free. If the CDC wins, then the cruise lines will demand vaccines. Either way, the cruise lines win with the outcome. This is just to see how far the CDC or FL can reach the fence if you catch the meaning.
  14. May 12th may put an end to the CDC's Reign of Terror on the cruise lines. I believe there is far more at work here than the public knows. The CDC is on grounds that have legal and criminal implications. These people are "doctors" , not lawyers. One false move, one false use of facts and their castle of cards comes tumbling down. The Judge hearing the case is more in line with FL and Alaska than on the CDC. It's not an end all, be all for this issue. But it is definitely something that could have massive repercussions for the CDC and/or the people that work there. We are not talking
  15. Now that Canada has approved, the US will by next week if not this week now. That will reduce the number of children that cannot be vaccinated to cruise. The number is starting to fit more into the 5% the CDC has stated. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/05/05/canada-coronavirus-vaccine-pfizer-adolscents-12-15/
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