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  1. Oh wow haha. I’m just gonna drink wine and see if anyone wants to chat lol
  2. Anyone who has sailed on one of the Seacations, do you know the latest you can disembark? My train home is at 11:27 so I don't wanna be sitting around in Southampton TOO long 🙂
  3. That's true. Thankfully I got my way and it's all sorted now 😄
  4. The machines used at Java aren't the Costa Express machines though, they are standard cafe machines just using instant Costa coffee! Travesty XD
  5. Judging by some of the vlogs I've seen of Britannia, the Costa isn't even barista coffee, it's from a machine!
  6. Cost me an extra £200 to switch and that gave us 3 more days
  7. Well I did it! I've switched to the Getaway! Better room, better itinerary but what sold it was the Waterfront! We always book Interior rooms as we only use the room to sleep in, we like being out on deck and Waterfront means more of that! 😄
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