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  1. So, my initial cruise to Alaska was scheduled over my 40th birthday this September. It was canceled in January. I rebooked for next September, upgraded my room choice, and decided I’m not turning 40 til next year while on my cruise. Now that things have changed and they are allowing Alaskan cruises this September I am really sad that I’m not going this year as initially planned. What do you think the chances are that I can book the closest thing to my original cruise back using the funds I’ve already sunk into next year’s? Do I just suck it up and wait til next September?
  2. Apologies, we’re sailing on Carnival. When I spoke with the customer service member, she said on-board credit could only be used while ‘on-board’. Quite a few excursions are listed for the cruise already and some of the higher end excursions (most involving helicopters) are already listed as sold out. I was just curious if people have had any luck getting the excursions they want after they’ve already boarded their ship.
  3. My trip is in Sept 2022. I am trying to plan everything out now as to how we spend our days in port, with excursions and such. My question is: How often do excursions sell out? We’re looking at the Mendenhall Glacier and Gardens tour in Juneau. Photography in Focus, White Pass and Bordello tours in Skagway, and whales/wildlife/bears search in Icy Strait Point. I would imagine some will have even more limitations as far as capacity due to COVID. My dilemma is I have a substantial amount of on-board credit that I’d like to use towards excursions but obviously that means I have to wai
  4. Thanks for all the comments! He literally just wants to jump in, not gonna be in there more than 2 minutes, so I’m not too worried about the survivability. Looks like we’ll shoot for Icy Straight Point or Victoria, since we don’t have any excursions planned for Victoria as of yet. Hubby classifies himself as Polar Bear who lives for cold water. We’ve often joked about hip-checking one another off the side of a cruise ship. That’s not how I want this to happen though 😂
  5. He just wants to be able to say he went in the ocean while we were in Alaska. He has a habit of running into water fully clothed because he thinks it’s funny and he truly enjoys the cold.
  6. So my husband and I booked an Alaskan Cruise for Sept 2022. As we were going through our excursion options today he asked me where he could jump in the ocean. I told him I had no freaking clue where he’d be able to do that. Yes, my husband is crazy. I told him about how I went snorkeling in Ketchikan last time I was there. He wanted to go but our cruise doesn’t take us to Ketchikan this time around. So anyway, does anyone have any suggestions or tips of getting him in the water without getting arrested? Our ports of call will be Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point and Victoria. Thanks for any an
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