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  1. As of today , you can no longer make reservations for any Douro cruises on the Uniworld website prior to June 20. They have to know that the earlier cruises are not going yet they refuse to tell their customers. How can they think this is good customer relations?
  2. We are now less than two weeks from our June 6 Douro cruise and still no decision from Uniworld. When I talked with them yesterday they claimed that the cruise was still on and I would be contacted if anything changed. I asked them when I would be getting my cruise documents and they had no response. I expressed to them by dissatisfaction with how this was being handled and they asked for my patience. They apparently don't care how they are treating their customers.
  3. Still no word from Uniworld on our June 6 , 2021 Douro cruise. They apparently have enough information to cancel cruises in June in France but not in Portugal. They don't even have the courtesy to send an email advising customers what is going on and when they will decide. Just terrible.
  4. Glad to hear that Uniworld finally did the reasonable thing and suspended your May 30 cruise. We are still waiting for a decision on our June 6 cruise. I don't expect one until there is a decision from the EU this week on allowing US tourists. If it goes ahead , I am sure we will be scrambling with testing , transfers , etc. I am also concerned about being the first cruise.
  5. In response to an email I received last night , Uniworld advised that they are hopeful that the restrictions will be lifted and that our June 6 cruise is moving forward. No indication when a final decision will be made. Since Portugal is not expected to readdress the restrictions until the end of the month, this leaves us with less than a week before the cruise. We now have no choice other than to finalize plans even though they very well could still be cancelled. Does anyone have any recommendations on a hotel in Porto where we can stay before the cruise departs.
  6. Just received a total non response from Uniworld to my email about the June 6 cruise. They refused to respond in any way nor would provide any time line for a decision. They indicated that they would reach out to me if the cruise was impacted by the virus. What does this even mean. I am beyond irritated at this point.
  7. I emailed them this morning about the June 6, 2021 cruise. Still no response. If Uniworld decides to go forward, will they be providing the required Covid testing necessary to get back into the US. Most resorts in Mexico and Jamaica are providing that service. We also won't know what type of testing Portugal may require for entry prior to May 30. What a mess.
  8. Still no word from Uniworld on whether our June 6, 2021 Portugal cruise is cancelled. Their website is still showing that you can purchase tickets for that cruise.
  9. There are reports on the Trip Advisor Portugal forum that Portugal will remain closed to non essential travel until May 30, 2021. It will be reassessed again prior to that date. If true, let's see how long it will take for Uniworld to cancel upcoming sailings. We are still being told that our June 6 sailing is on.
  10. This really is ridiculous. Even if Portugal gives the green light on May 15 , can they realistically think everything will be a go by May 30. I am not aware of any other upscale travel company treating their customers like this. While I enjoyed my prior trips, I don't know if I would ever go with them again.
  11. In light of how Uniworld's competitors are handling this , I don't understand why Uniworld continues to string everyone along. Prior to this , we thought they were top of the line and had recommended them to numerous friends. This has really changed our perspective. They cannot possibly believe that they can deliver a quality product anywhere in Europe until at least mid summer.
  12. Thanks for all of the updates. I received the same canned response from Uniworld. I don't see how they can move forward with any cruises. It is my understanding that the boat they are using on the Douro is brand new and has not yet been used. I cannot understand how Uniworld thinks this is good for customer relations.
  13. We are booked on the June 6 Douro cruise and are getting the same vague responses. This was rescheduled from last June. This would be our third Uniworld cruise. All of the prior cruises have been positive but their customer relations since the pandemic have been abysmal. The biggest problem for us is airline reservations. We have Delta credits from last June. I don't know if they remain valid if we rebook and it is cancelled at the last minute ( impossible to get an answer from Delta). I cannot understand why Uniworld thinks this is the way to handle this
  14. We are booked on a Uniworld Douro river cruise on June 6, 2021. Uniworld has not yet cancelled and is claiming they are restarting cruises in Portugal in mid May. They are refusing to provide any time frame on a final decision on whether it will go forward. Any thoughts on how realistic the timeframe is. I am not eager to book airfare and then have Uniworld cancel at the last minute. Our cruise was already rebooked once.
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