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  1. For a more "natural" (and small) private island, check out MSC's (I can't remember the name of it off hand).
  2. I'd purchase the Voom package. I think RCI offers a combined package; Voom + Specialty Dining Package. Thanks for the advice wrt Global Entry. You're right, I have many cruises booked, even into 2023, so it will pay off. I thought zi had heard that RCI was going to homeport Adventure of the Seas out of zGalveston. You just confirmed it. Thanks!
  3. I have never been to NCL's Stirrup Cay but I can already tell you, RCI's Pefect Day at Coco Cay blows it away. Half the time,, NCL has to cancel the stop at Stirrup Cay because of sea/weather conditions. Unlike RCI, NCL doesn't have a dock on Stirrup Cay and has to tender passengers ashore.
  4. Ohh nooooo. Say it isn't so...(que the Jaws theme). She/he's back. Tanned, muscular female MMA fighter. She/he's going up and down the beach; doing her/his "routine". Throwing jabs and hooks. Be afraid, be very afraid... Just don't look her/him in the eye and you might be o.k.;
  5. But MorganClark is not one of them. 2 different rats. *poke* And btw, sshhhhh....
  6. It was good. Kind of like clam strips. I had had conch before but it was years ago. 9 out of 10 forks.
  7. Roh, roh; There is a cruise ship in port. At first glance, it looks like a RCI Quantum-class because of the light blue hull. But, I can not see a North Star and can not see the ship's name painted in BIG letters on the hull (up near the bow). So, I went to "Marine Traffic". Turns out, it's the Freedom of the Seas. I thought only RCI's Quantum-class ships had the light blue hulls. Is RCI painting the hulls of all their ships in the fleet light blue also?;
  8. I can now check the conch box. This is a lot of conch!,
  9. Actually, it was. I had asked about Global Entry in addition to VeriFly.
  10. O.k., beach time! I crossed the street and hit my "go-to" beach bar, the "Tiki Bikini"; When you hear the cow bell, it's time for a Kalik (Kah-Lik); Selfie time on Junkanoo Beach!, Here's my humble abode on the beach; Food menu for the Tiki Bikini. I just realized that I have yet to have conch in the Bahamas! How could I? This shall be rectified because the Tiki Bikini has conch!;
  11. l would imagine the app itself would tell you what airlines the program applies to. Am I right @Sailing12Awayor @HBCcruiser?
  12. Yes, Monday will be o.k. Make sure it is a pcr test (not a rapid antigen). But, don't fret too much about it. Even if you don't have it (or it gets rejected, like mine), the med team (on behalf of RCI) just sends you in to a near by room and administers a rapid antigen test. You get your result back via e-mail in about 15 minutes.
  13. Thanks so much for your kind words which may inspire me to do a LIVE thread for my Oct 2nd Celebrity Edge cruise! Stay tuned...
  14. @CptAleSpillwould be proud of me. While trying to brew coffee in my room using this VERY uncooperative coffee maker, I had not one but two coffee spills. I think I will change my CC screen name to; CptCoffeSpill. Looking down at the tile floor in my room. If you look closely, you can see the coffee stain; Since I can't have coffee in my room (no way am I going to try that coffee maker again), I went to my "go-to" - a green Monster;
  15. Yeah,I don't know if you read my entries on this thread earlier about losing my shoes at ship security and having to wear my water shoes (I even posted a pic) to dinner on formal night. That's why I joked that they were my "formal" water shoes, lol.
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