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  1. When we were quarantined on the ship (Mon 0/4) it was for a short time in our original cabin where we were tested again. When those test came back we were told to pack and then were taken to each of our new cabins, my wife(pos) and I (neg) being separated and have been ever since. Talk on the phone a lot. So when it came time to be offloaded we had everything with us. We even went to the hotel from the ship in different buses which was the correct thing. Have not been told or heard how the hospital patients are doing. We get tested tomorrow !
  2. No bother as I really do not have much going on other than puzzles and Netflix. Nothing on the crew. None were offloaded with us. Seabourn has been discreet with numbers. I do not think you will ever hear anything about the crew. Here in Rhodes we lost another positive to the hospital, all else is well. The Seabourn girls have left but there is still a hotel exec that is in charge of us that Seabourn is taking care of. We are on the downward part of my wife’s quarantine, should be over soon and then we see how the travel plans work out. The big event of today was an earthquake. Centered in Crete but nice and rolly polly here in Rhodes.
  3. Our second vacs turned six mos old on the cruise. Boosters were/are planned on return. My wife had Moderna and I had Pfizer. The two cases that had just boarded were both from the U.K.
  4. More news (or a small chance that just rumor) from the Rhodes quarantine. One of the positives was taken to the hospital Sat night and one of the negatives had symptoms and was tested positive. So we are still not in the clear by any means. Now in day six of quarantine, day four of Rhodes quarantine. My wife(pos) and myself(neg) remain with no symptoms. Seabourn remains in continual contact and is more than helpful in every way. My wife is checked every day by the doctor, all vital signs are good but she has not been COVID tested since the tests showing positive occurred last Monday.I guess she will be tested on day ten.
  5. She is doing as well as expected The Netflix helps Yes if all goes well Seabourn is arranging all transportation. Do not know how the cost will be broken out. If someone is still positive is a bridge yet to cross. my main concern is keeping myself clean otherwise this could become a vicious circle. Although if when she is free to go and if I do test positive I will send her home. meanwhile both Seattle and the two very helpful ladies left with us contact us daily. On the cruise we did one independent 45 minute taxi tour in Napfilon and one ships tour on Patmos the day before the testing. What is interesting is that two of the positives just boarded the ship. They then tested positive less than 48 hours after boarding.
  6. Seabourn ladies stopped by my room yesterday and dropped off new meds which they refilled and a bottle of scotch. My wife also got meds and gin.I also got another call from Seattle HQ to see what was needed. She, as a positive test, was also checked up on by an assigned doctor. On to day three
  7. Yes. Follow up PCR. With same results. She positive me negative. I was given another antigen a day later to see if I now had COVID which I did not. we are in different rooms (Pos / Neg). We did not do anything together with the other “captives” except my wife did compliment one of the negs on her blouse in the restaurant(20 secs) on the ship
  8. Update The negative tested can now leave their rooms. There was concern for my wife, She is fine, exhibiting no symptoms. As to the offloading. Seabourn fought this as we were securely quarantined on the ship. The Greek officials forced the offloading. This is going to be a long ten days. It is a nice resort but a gilded cage. Fortunately Seabourn is picking up the tab. Seabourn also left a person here for us and I have already had row calls from Seattle assuring me that all will be handled
  9. All 15 of us were offloaded in Rhodes (8 tested pos, 7 negative, but were in close contact with a positive) We were all taken to a Sheraton resort which is nice but are completely quarantined by Greek law Cannot leave the room for ten days. My safe will not work and they say they cannot send anyone into my room to fix it. The Seabourn Doctor and others had told us that we negatives could go walking. I was even told that I could fly home and leave my wife here NOT SO, even if I would do that. The answer about would I have done the cruise knowing the possible consequences NO WAY. Seabournn has promised to take care of the hotel and food cost, we will see. They also promised to have a doctor get us additional meds that are now needed, we will see. They also promised to handle and take care of cancelling our current flights and rebook. Will keep you posted
  10. I am currently on the ovation and in quarantine my wife tested positive (I am negative but still quarantined due to her) Monday am. We are in separate cabins on different lower, forward decks. So far my only gripe is lack of communication on what to do as we have no idea on how this is going to move forward. We did our own air, have a lot of appointments scheduled at home next week,etc. Seabourn is treating us as well as they can coordinating meals, ice, towels etc. We are on our second of two weeks, at least one case is on their first week. I have no idea how many cases there are, from what I see is at least ten but could be more. Will add more when I know more.
  11. Arrived9/22. They really did not even check our vac documents closely at all. Very easy
  12. I am certain that for Greece there is currently no requirement for a test if you are fully vaccinated. The PCR test is Seabourn's requirement
  13. We board the Ovation on 9/25. My current Seabourn Source shows that I need to have a PCR test three days prior to boarding. It has an 8/9 date. I was lead to believe (but cannot find anything in writing) that this was changed to only needing an Antigen test. Can someone please point the way. Both of us are fully vaccinated - Thanks !
  14. If you are doing the Greek Islands and flying out right after the cruise you will have the test done on the Ovation before you leave (According to Seabourn when I contacted them)
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