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  1. OK very anxious to hear that story as we sail on the American Countess in 2022. We took one Viking River cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam years ago and made the mistake of comparing it to our 40+ ocean cruises which was a big mistake. Ocean cruises hire very experienced servers from foreign countries. The river cruise had mostly inexperienced people in comparison. Meal selections were underwhelming and luch buffet left much to be desired. As a result we went back to ocean cruises. I'm curious to hear your thoughts....was it American Queen, Covid, or inexperienced people from the USA that made the dinner service terrible? These USA river cruises are so very, very expensive. Do you think we should go not expecting much except to just enjoy the river and figure the price is just what the price is? We can still cancel and just loose $500 and our insurance premium so anxious to hear your thoughts. Thanks
  2. Very nice collection of photos. They give a good feel to what cruising on the American Duchess would be like.
  3. Update Oct 1, 2021 American Queen Steamboat Company American Queen Steamboat Company American Queen Restricted Yellow CDC has investigated and ship remains under observation.
  4. Posted on American Queen Steamboat Company site https://www.americanqueensteamboatcompany.com/blog/how-does-a-steamboat-work/ "What makes the American Queen different from most of the riverboats in existence today is that a true steam engine is used to drive the paddlewheel. This steam engine is basically the same as the engines of the past century. How does a steamboat work then, you may ask? The American Queen’s stern wheel is driven by a four-cylinder, horizontally-inclined, tandem-piston, steeple compounded, double-acting reciprocating steam engine. "
  5. Thank you Calliope, This is just what we were looking for. Also read your other post re: Cumberland River being scenic. Since I posted this in Aug. we have booked both the Upper Mississippi going north and the Cumberland on the American Countess. Looking more for the beauty of the river rather than activities. The atmosphere of having a "paddlewheel " I'm sure will add to the experience. Maybe next cruise we'll take the American Queen.🙂
  6. Thank you - One of best reviews I've read. Your video gives a true feeling for what the areas of the boat are like and what we can expect. The things you included are especially helpful for someone who has never cruised with AQSC. We have two cruises booked on the American Countess and now it will be hard to wait until our turn to board.
  7. Thank you for a very informative review. We appreciated your wide range of comments and they will help us prepare for our upcoming American Countess cruises.
  8. I have read those posts. Agree no cruise line or company is immune to complaints. This poster had a serious issue that should have been addressed. The person on AQSC that said they were awful should have been aware that with especially river cruising rivers flood and contracts say itineraries will be altered if this should happen- not infrequent in Europe to have a river cruise turned into a land cruise at the last minute. AQSC has multiple lines to call and leaving voice messages for any business might result in a message not being returned. If there was an office party someone should have handled calls. We all make our decision to cruise with a particular company for various reasons and we will still make ours to not cruise with ACL.
  9. First I want to say I hope your husband is doing well and will continue to do so. Having been a member of these boards for many years after getting a quote from ACL I decided to read reviews and found yours. A company that would treat those that have just cruised with them with such little concern is not one for us. Thank you for posting you made our decision to accept an AQSC quote instead very easy.
  10. Thank you for the review- great information. I do have several questions: 1) With all the locks you passesd through at night was this noisy ? 2) Did you see any wild life between Red Wing and Alton, IL? 3) We are considering booking both the Tours Into the Mississippi on the Winona Tour Boat and Grant in Galena - Exploring the Home of Ulysses S. Grant on our upcoming Upper Mississippi cruise 2022. Were you happy with these tours? Do you book and pay for these before cruising? 4) What type of entrees were served for dinner? I've seen many comments about "Southern Cusine" on Lower Mississippi cruises but nothing mentioned for Upper river cruises. Thank you for the information.
  11. Looking for experience from people who have taken this cruise. We have taken many, many Ocean and 1 European River cruise so not as interested in the boat but more so on what the river was like and what you saw. Appreciate any help you can give us.
  12. This is the meaning. "Yellow: The ship meets the threshold for investigation (for crew or passenger COVID-19 cases), or a state or local health department has notified the CDC of passenger cases occurring within five days of disembarkation" Apparently today per Reuters Aug 20, 2021 "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Friday people at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should avoid travel on cruise ships, including river cruises, irrespective of their vaccination status. Older adults and people with medical conditions are more likely to get severely ill from the disease and should take professional advise before cruise ship travel, the agency said."
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