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  1. Still and sparkling water are made and poured onboard, there is no bottled water. Not sure about the others except that I have had loose lead tea from Grounds Club, I think it was called jasmine cloud. Not sure of the brand however. 

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  2. On a voyage my wife found a unique wine at The Wake so we started going there every night before dinner to get a drink and then go to wherever dinner was. On the second occasion the server happened to be a sommelier who told us we could just go to dinner and ask our server to call him and he'd happily bring it over (and he did). 

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  3. We almost always do the grog walk. Fun way to meet your fellow sailors and the happening cast plus is forces us to stay up and go to the PJ party. 

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  4. $7 per order, however if you pay for any item (even if it is less than $7) the delivery fee is waived. Otherwsie you can order more or less as much as you want on each order. 

  5. Booked last night and it was fine, went to look at shore excursions this morning and just crashed, tonight seems to be fine. I might start another thread, but is it me or is the ability to purchase shore excursions on the website new?

  6. Back in the day (Oct 2021), the ramen place was open late night, like you I wish they would bring it back. I think the burger bar is now the late night option. 

    On 5/15/2024 at 9:57 PM, CruisingWalter said:

    The restaurants are too small for 2700+ guests and they close too many stations at night in The Galley.  Ramen closed at night? Seriously? That's a late night staple. That has never made sense to me, nor closing the Taco station at night. 

  7. When we sailed forever ago (Oct 2021) with the OG crazy good MNVV (RIP) the limit was 4 per person. I'm not sure I realized that limit had changed or why anyone would reasonably need more than that - we weren't able to use the 8 we had in 2 years. 

  8. That guy is super annoying, ended up asking YouTube to not show me his videos anymore. There has always been speculation that VV will go public or sell so I don't think this would be earth shattering if true. Maybe something will be announced on the 1st that he knows about or maybe he's just hedging his bets in case they announce a sale this week? 

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  9. My work VPN did not work (Cisco AnyConnect) and when I asked about it they said they don't support VPN. My personal VPN did work though (Tailscale). I suspect it is related to whether you can go over https vs more traditional methods like IPsec. 

    When I did get connected it broke the app, which makes sense since it probably needs to talk to the ship instead of the internet while onboard.  

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