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  1. Last year they showed Super Bowl in the Red Room and had tail gating type food available.
  2. Yes, that’s why I said essentially. The early offer was wild and we took advantage of it greatly (sailed Oct 2021) and that was quickly changed to the current one where you have to put some skin in the game, but still a very good and flexible deal. Most of our previous cruising was as with Disney where they really didn’t need or have much of an onboard offer.
  3. New investors, new CEO, and the offer essentially hasn’t changed since they launched so I agree with you, probably won’t be around forever.
  4. It does have to be a SeaTerrace or higher room, so no inside/ocean view/limited view terrace. It can’t be combine with heavily discounted rates like a casino comp. If you’re going to sale in the next 24 months it’s a no brainer.
  5. There seems to be a curse where for whatever reason the leadership or staff seem to be a weak point on the ships. The kitchen also seems to be slower than the rest. Not sure if that’s some type of design challenge of the kitchen itself or what. We’ve found it to have improved but still not perfect.
  6. Extra Virgin is our favorite followed closely by The Wake (despite the service challenges).
  7. Our most recent was Razzle Dazzle, Loose Cannon, Dock House, and Athletic Club (where the PJ party is).
  8. $39 in port days, $59 at sea on our last voyage.
  9. Is ordering from the tablet in the cabin new? I hadn’t noticed that before.
  10. I read elsewhere that you can now use the coffee credit at restaurants/bars but still not ship eats. We’ll be on Valiant in early December and will test it out for science!
  11. You can order breakfast in advance but we found slots fill up quickly so book early. The delivery method is unique as everything comes in a large pouch. Silverware, condiments, etc all included. As far as our experience you can only have ship eats delivered to your cabin. Breakfast is scheduled in advance, other wise we verbally go out food in about 30 minutes. We felt the good quality was very good considering it’s delivered. There is no tipping on the ship, all included in the voyage fare.
  12. We have done it several times and find it nice and relaxing l, especially if you get there early so you can lay out on the beds. Location and weather affect the overall experience. On one occasion instead of star gazing we were exhaust gazing due to wind, but would still highly recommend it.
  13. You might need to force close the app so it starts fresh.
  14. I feel like it’s a lot less than half that are held back but I have no empirical evidence of that.
  15. We have friends on the Valiant transatlantic and they were taken to Sip instead of the Manor (Brilliant suite). Not sure if that’s a permanent change or a one off. Either way, you’ll be taken somewhere!
  16. That’s definitely incorrect. DBE applies to the cabin and each of you in the cabin can login separately (use your own birthday) for a total of 4 devices on premium. We’ve done that on multiple sailings on all 3 ships. Phone and laptop for me, phone and kindle for my spouse.
  17. How many devices do you have? Each person gets 2 so I’ve had no problem connecting my laptop and phone at the same time.
  18. Today I learned! We always pay in full so just assumed it was like Princess where you have to pay to make your dinner reservations.
  19. You can pick your boarding time as soon as you have paid in full. In the past the earliest boarding times have been between 1:30 and 2
  20. Don't go to sailor services, go to the excursion desk. Big red table on deck 7 near the roundabout.
  21. Pools and hot tubs close at midnight, enforcement of that seems to be hit or miss.
  22. Go to their Instagram page and then click your ship of interest - https://instagram.com/squidink.vv
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