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  1. I believe people are most amused and impressed by the creativity, even if you do not agree politically. That's all it is.
  2. Looks like they are around a sandbar offshore, like in Grand Cayman. YouTube is a great resource for minutiae questions like this. No matter what it is, cruise / vacation related or otherwise, somebody, somewhere has made a video of it and posted to YouTube..
  3. Did you think you would get more responses if you put on your CAPS LOCK key? 😄 Take a minute to read the existing responses to your frequently asked question for recommendations, then go to the hotel web site for current prices. Hotel rates are fluid, changing often.
  4. Old Bernie has a pretty good sense of humor, I think he would enjoy being this meme.
  5. This offers a bit more optimism that Constellation is to updated and sailing out of Tampa as planned, rather than sold off.
  6. OP, from your avatar, it looks like you are a Carnival guy, but there is lots of chatter about this on both the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity main boards. Lots of interest, especially the 14 day itinerary. Many have booked, including myself.
  7. I just booked the 14 day as a back up for my Constellation B2B next Feb. All the gloomy talk here about her possibly being sold convinced me to find a plan B. Can be booked refundable or NRD. NRD offers a significantly lower price, but even at the refundable, it's IMO pretty good pricing. Nice itinerary. I may re-think that if I have to price airfare, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. 😁
  8. Just booked the 14 day as a backup in case my B2B on Celebrity in Feb 2022 cancels. For a balcony cabin, the diff between refundable and NRD is about $1100. That one's on one of their older M class ships, and there is a lot of gloom and doom over on the Celebrity board about it probably being sold off soon to Pulmantur
  9. How timely - a neighbor just complained about a mutual neighbor who took his trash out to the street in boxers and a t-shirt. Perhaps if he looked like Mel Gibson, we would not be so disgusted. 😁
  10. I have 21 days on the Constellation out of Tampa in Feb. 2022. 10 and 11 days. Pretty much covers the Caribbean, with no repeated ports. The ship was to have been refurbed by then, but that is not a given, all things considered.
  11. This guy Jim is the original, I have used them for many, many years. Never been detected. Excellent customer service. Have booked a Celebrity for later this year where the Beverage Package is no longer a choice (it's "included") , but I will still be bringing a flask. I don't always want to get dressed and go out to a bar to have a cocktail. Flame away, but I'm not part of the group that wants to wander the ship a) in yard work/car wash clothes, or b) in my pajamas. https://www.easytravelerinc.com/index.aspx
  12. I use YouTube frequently for research. From specific cruise ship cabins to "best way to replace the caulk around your bath tub", somebody, somewhere has made a video of it and posted it on YouTube 😁
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