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  1. I know this is an unpopular reminder on this board, however, IF there is a regime change in the US in November, Cuba cruises would most likely start up again. That would give a bit more useful life to the oldies (Majesty, Empress, Pacific Princess), as they can comfortably fit into the Havana harbor and existing dock. If I were a cruise line decision maker, I would wait until at least then before I put these ships on the chopping block. JMO.
  2. You live in Jacksonville - you have your own excitement coming up in August, with more red hats and dirty beards than a drunk Santa convention.
  3. Four posts in a row advertising this place??? Do you by any chance work there?
  4. Maybe this will be the new welcome back gift, taking the place of the plate of stale Windjammer cookies. It's what Virgin is giving all their plane passengers.
  5. https://www.stnicholasabbey.com/
  6. Interesting. I found the article but could not read in full with out a subscription to the KW paper. I can't say that I blame them - Duval is intolerable when packed with cruise ship gawkers. I'm sure people living there or staying for a vacation are quite put out. I also doubt they spend a lot of money, since KW is just a stop on the way to somewhere else. The last 2 times I stopped there on a ship were on the Empress and the Majesty, both times stopping on the way to Havana. Those 2 ships would qualify, whenever Cuba cruises start up again with a US regime change. The same sort of ships that qualify for KW would qualify for Havana harbor, plus or minus 1000 pax.
  7. I took this excursion with them in Cozumel a few years back. Someone on our boat did get very sick, right on the boat floor, so it does happen. The water was was not overly rough. I've done it 3 or 4 times total, and in my opinion, it's not a day for kids or queasy stomachs. It cost us the race, as the Captain had to slow and let the crew clean up. The guy was mortified and no one was rude to him, but there was plenty of disappointment - it is a race , after all, and does attract some competitive types. NOTE - the t-shirt upgrade (if they still do that), will work between islands, I traded in a reggedy St Maarten one for a Coz one. Also other non-active roles include timekeeper and bartender. Please just don't get sick on the fellow sailors!
  8. On the S class, there is a small bar at the entrance to the OV, they also have one of the faux espresso machines there. The coffee drinks are not free, but you can walk up, or have the server get you one after you are seated. **note of caution** if you are entitled to free espresso drinks as part of your loyalty level, be sure to tell the server not to charge you. They do not automatically check like they do at Cafe al Baccio. Several times on the Reflection in Feb. I had to go to the front desk to have coffee charges from the OV removed. After that I stopped ordering them at the OV, went straight to al Baccio to get my latte to avoid that (admittedly minor) annoyance.
  9. Reminder that there is an election coming up in the US in November, and if there is a regime change, I would expect Cuba cruises to start up in late 2021, or as soon as everything can get ramped up again. I went to Cuba on both the Majesty and the Empress (she was first) and given a choice, I'd choose Majesty. Hold the flames and opinions on Cuba, just stating a fact.
  10. Old thread, but I have to ask - where in the world did you get this nonsense? There may or may not be amber for sale in the gift shops of the actual Amber Cove compound, but there is most certainly a great deal of it available everywhere else in the DR. Anybody who has been to that part of the Caribbean knows this. See below. Millions of years ago, the Dominican Republic possessed the perfect conditions for creating amber. The combination of the warm climate and Hymenaea Protera, an extinct prehistoric leguminous tree, produced copious of amounts amber. Dominican amber is unique in that it is considered the finest amber available in the world.
  11. Exactly. Due respect to the struggles of all tourism workers, but Grand Cayman deserves the least amount of sympathy of all the islands. Their economy is just fine without us.
  12. It's especially funny since the French manicures have been outdated for well over a decade now, and doing the toes like that was always considered tacky.
  13. I don't know, but just want to say that it is so refreshing to find (at least) one other person, besides myself, who does NOT believe that the cruising world is ending. I have a nice 21 day B2B booked on Celebrity in Feb of 2022 out of Tampa, if you are not completely insistent on Princess.
  14. These people always have a table at the town market. I load up every time I visit. https://www.bonaireseasalt.com/
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