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  1. Nice pic, but it's a green, not a hawksbill. Note, no beak.
  2. I haven't read any of this because I prefer to not think negatively, but here is an existing lengthy thread on the topic you might be interested in.
  3. Sadly, our favorite tour guide Blexie reported this morning on FB that there are now 19 cases on the island, one death. Brought by Italian tourists. So looking forward to the end of this sickness, and cruise ships returning to Cuba.
  4. It sounds like a fun, easy way to see some of the island. Thanks for the review.
  5. A familiar bartender is absolutely critical to the success of any cruise. While anyone can follow the cruise rules to eat, and do little, yes you are correct. However, 15 years and @#% pounds later, the screen name is not as funny as it used to be, I must say.
  6. Thanks, RNB...I'm a long time fan of your reviews. Once you get rested up and help the Misses with all the laundry, please tell us a little more about your cruise.
  7. Have you contacted them to ask? There are both phone numbers and an email form provided on the website. https://www.porttb.com/parking
  8. She's not the permanent CD on Edge, she was aboard for the Women's Bridge Crew sailing. She told us she would be onboard the special sailing on a Silhouette sailing back in January. She is everywhere, that's what makes her one of the most popular CDs on X.
  9. It appears that the T'erds have found the Marriott. Remember the recent post from someone inquiring where to buy beer to smuggle in, and then how to game the system by getting resort benefits for 4 people on a 2 person room rental.
  10. Exactly my point about choice..I'm not usually a day drinker, even on vacation, so I prefer a longer happy hour at night.
  11. IMO, RC definitely has the richer loyalty program (at that level), but X has a superior product and overall experience. Everybody can compare the benefits two lines and decide what works best for them.
  12. Thanks for posting the pix of Bathsheba, it is indeed beautiful. The town is also fun to explore and the Round House restaurant is historic and a great place for a meal. We had a guide once drive us out to this cliff and have us get out of the van. He said "This is the cleanest air you will ever breathe - is has come across the ocean from Africa with no land in the way". I thought it was quite poetic, and wow, what a view. And yes, magnificent, clean air. This is a perfect example of why I hate to see all the posts that ask for the closest (fill in the blank: bar, beach, shopping, snorkeling...) to the pier. You have spent a lot of money and come a long way - why on earth wouldn't you explore once you arrive at a port? Yes, it's a ways across the island, but IMO, could / should easily be tagged onto a private tour - see some of the island, stop at a few places along the way (i.e. St Nicholas Abbey for rum tasting...), lunch or cocktails in Bathsheba, then back to the ship. Barbados has so much to offer. With a couple or just a small group you could accomplish this for well under $100 per person.
  13. Thanks for posting - the water looks so much nicer than Maya Chan, which is positively nasty. I like to swim when I am at the beach, so, as wonderful as their service is, I'll never go back there. But, shhhh. 😉 I cringe at the "I found a wonderful quiet beach" posts I read on here. Once the ship crowds find it, it will no longer be wonderful or quiet. I've seen this happen to so many places in the islands over the years.
  14. A caution to those with a full face mask... On my last trip with Woodwind in Bonaire (a highly rated sail/snorkel operator), the owner told us they have had 3 separate guests lose consciousness while in the water and using one of those masks. Scary. They bought some to try out (all are highly experienced divers), and found that they all got headaches after about 20 minutes, and felt ill / light headed after a half hour. It seems that they do not provide enough airflow to safely stay in the water for more than 15 minutes or so. It's one of those "looks good on paper" ideas. I'll stick to my traditional mask and snorkle setup.
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