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  1. This is great information. Thank you so much. THIS is what Cruise Critic is for. Helping out other cruisers get information. THANK YOU !!!!
  2. Looking at a future sailing on Discovery which is the same cabin layout as Majestic, but need input on the deck 9 aft cabins that are category BD. The balcony looks larger than the standard balcony cabins. Anyone have any input?? Thanks!!
  3. My understanding is that you can only drop off bags on "Revolutionized" ships where your key card in outside your stateroom. On Equinox in Aug that's what we did, but on Eclipse in October, we had to wait until they made the announcement that cabins are ready. We are on Silhouette in 2 weeks and are not expecting to drop of our bags in the room. If we can GREAT and if not, we will just deal with our backpacks
  4. That's what they tell us and that's we hope for, but there are lots of questions about that, just my 2 cents
  5. Another take on the increase. Since there is no longer the $14 pp per day add on to the beverage pkg perk, they can now make up for the revenue this way!! Just a thought
  6. Absolutely !! Just contact your TA or X and request the change. I just did for a Jan 10 2020 sailing. NO problem
  7. Well that's god news if it happens. Lets see how long this 2ND time around lasts!! We enjoy a movie now and then in the stateroom as frequent cruises as the entertainment gets old when you sail frequently. Fingers crossed
  8. We spent 24 days on Equinox in Oct- Nov of this year and found food to be outstanding. If there was something we didn't like in the MDR we asked for something else. Today and 25 years ago is not a fair comparison. That's like saying that cars were so much cheaper to buy 25 years ago than today and were build better. Things change and sometimes for the worse, but overall we think Celebrity does an amazing job serving upwards of 2500 to 3000 passengers a day. 25 years ago most ships were smaller and heald 900 to 1200 passengers.
  9. For those on Royal, if you bought the wifi package on board how much was it??
  10. Looking at M- Class ship deck 2 aft inside. Deck plans show that some of the cabins run parallel to the hall way. The layout of the cabin obviously has to be different than the others Where is the bed located in these?? Any help would be great. Thank you all
  11. Considering Reflection for 2021 and as wondering if anyone knows if there are inside cabins that are larger than others?? I remember back a while ago reading that some were larger but can no longer find that information. Anything you all can provide would be helpful!! Thanks.
  12. Spoke to the CC hostess and she indicated that there are over 1200 CC members on board. Last night they started selling drink cards too!! Bars are NOT crowded at all
  13. Never thought I would see the day, but today was the day ! On Eclipse and the picture below is all around the ship for people without the Beverage Pkg. This was left at our door in error, and was delivered to the correct cabin be me. Guess they aren’t making enough $$$ on this sailing (15 day to Hawaii). The other thing that I find strange, is that they claim not to make enough $$ on Bev Pkg so are adding $14 pp per day if you pick as a perk. Let the feed back begin.....
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