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  1. We've seen Come From Away and Dear Evan Hansen and thought they were both terrific. I think Evan Hansen won due to it's greater popularity amongst young people, who Broadway is trying to attract. The prior year's award was also won by an historical musical (about some guy who wasn't even President!), so maybe it was time for Fiction to win? And then non-fiction won again the following year (Band's Visit) Spamilton is really fun, we've seen all of the Forbidden Broadway productions. We've got Hamilton again in NYC over Labor Day (bought the tix in December) and are seeing it in Providence a few weeks earlier for much cheaper. Will be interesting to compare/contrast the casts
  2. Well, if you eliminate hurricanes and other tropical storms, the seas will be fine.
  3. When looking for options you will find more choices under "Fundy"
  4. 4 times so far Yes We've rented from the airport and from town. We found the options by googling No. As long as your license is in "Roman Characters" it will be fine Insurance is highly personal. We get some of the options, but it depends on where you plan to go and your risk tolerances. If you book early you can get a decent 2wd vehicle for $50-70/day. AVOID CHEAPO COMPANIES, like "SAD cars" as you will break down. If you book late you can expect to pay double or triple the above. A 4wd vehicle will double your cost. You do not need 4wd for 95% of touring in Iceland Lots of parking options in Reykjavik. Tons of car rental info on the Iceland board at TripAdvisor.
  5. True. I have only sailed from Manhattan so I default to that. But if you do that Google thing for Brooklyn or anywhere else you will find your answer
  6. If you google " wine near Manhattan Cruise Terminal" you will get a map of nearby wine shops. There are 2 on 10th Avenue, under a 10 minute walk from the terminal.
  7. Iceland has many ports. Some have taxis. Some don't. Taxi is a very expensive way to get around in Iceland, which is a very expensive country.
  8. They are both amazing. South coast will be 2 big waterfalls, black sand beach, and it might include Solheimajokull, which is a huge glacier you can walk up close to. Golden Circle is one incredible waterfall, the Geysir, that spouts every 5-8 minutes, and the national park where democracy was invented, Þingvellir (Thingvellir)
  9. Helicopter options in NYC feel poorly timed right about now
  10. We are seeing Hadestown in September, bought the tix right before nominations came out (and prices went up). Network was rough, but Cranston deserved the award, he was amazing. Last time we were in NYC we ate at the "secret" upstairs place from Joe Allen's. And were seated right across from Joe!
  11. no bug spray needed for Iceland. If you go to the Lake Myvatn area (not to the baths or the geothermal area) there are non-biting midges in great numbers. You may want a head net for them
  12. Hundreds of folks do this successfully at every disembarkation
  13. Lots of info on this hotel, etc, on the boards at Flyertalk.com if you don't get info here
  14. Prom is great. We loved everything about Gary (writer, stars, concept) except for the actual show, which is close to the bottom of our all time list of ranked shows.
  15. How you will pay for it depends on the car service company. There are many websites that list tolls for the NYC bridges and tunnels. Rates might be different for a car service company than for you and me, though. The amount will also vary severely depending on which of the 3 metropolitan cruise terminals you are sailing from.
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