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  1. Norway is spectacular, but Alaska has some amazing fjords as well.
  2. There are fjords in Alaska and Washington State. And in Maine.
  3. We have the same status at Marriott, but the 2 properties we stay at most are lower level ones with buffets. Will be interesting to see how they adjust to the times.
  4. Free breakfasts might be going away, especially buffets.
  5. Agreed. We saw the OBC 3 times (twice with LMM, once with Javier Muñoz), and I'd see this if I had Disney Plus Generally agree. The Jesus Christ Superstar performance on TV a couple years ago was REALLY well done, so was the PBS presentation of King and I. But many of those broadcasts do lack energy
  6. Again, I'd do the extra Greenland stop as when and how will I ever get to Greenland again? Iceland is easy to get to. So easy we've gone 5 times (so far)
  7. You can get to the near end of LI from the Sheraton in 10 minutes by foot and to the far end in 12 minutes
  8. Depends on if you want Greenland or Iceland. Also depends on your other stops. Iceland is quite easy to get to by plane as is Seydisfjordur, so if you miss it on the cruise you can get there by car.
  9. We have exclusively stayed at the Sheraton TriBeCa for our visits over the past 5 years (about 25 visits). Great Gold recognition, amazing big roof deck with super views. Close to lots of restaurants and Chinatown and Soho shopping, and many subway lines within a quite short walk.
  10. Such a tiny taste of Iceland and Greenland on that itinerary. Iceland is easy to get back to on your own. Greenland, notsomuch. I'd want more time in Greenland if I was making this choice. And likely on a smaller ship so as to not be the majority in those little towns.
  11. I am sure much of those millions went into the pockets of those to whom it was intended
  12. TripAdvisor has tons of info on touring NYC. It's too early to get hotel rates for next year, but you can find lots of suggested itineraries there and a large group of helpful folks to help you prioritize attractions and group them together for easy access.
  13. Perhaps, but she seems so lonely and you seem to be much better adjusted than she does
  14. Quoting myself, yeah. We watched this last night. SO well done. Strongly recommended
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