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  1. Very cool. I see your cuz shares writing credit with Bill himself!
  2. The many Logan Express lots are quite popular. If you are coming from the Berkshires, the one on the Natick/Framingham line, near the Natick Mall, is probably the most convenient for you
  3. Come From Away is amazing. We hated Gary, and it should have been right in our wheelhouse.
  4. Porter is great, but I wouldn't risk the 11:20AM flight.
  5. It really holds up. We go to the box office pretty much every other visit we make to NYC (5-7 trips/year) and ask about tickets for our future visits. We get lucky a couple times a year, so we are seeing it again over Labor Day. It really holds up no matter who is in the cast
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Fitch (at 2nd Stage) wasn't all that good, even though we love the writer.
  7. Been too long since we've been there. We avoid the city on our trips to Iceland. Check TripAdvisor ratings or ask on the forum there
  8. I wouldn't want to drag that much luggage across the bridge. It's not a short walk and it is usually crowded with people and bicyclists
  9. There are two docks. Both are walkable to the city, although one is further than the other, so I guess the question is "how far can you walk?"
  10. And even if the tenant is there, there is a good chance subletting to airbnb or similar customers violates building rules
  11. The city bus in Reykjavik is ISK or app payment only. If you get the City Card (or whatever they call it there) that includes local rides on the bus. Some pay toilets only take ISK, others are an "honor box" that will accept foreign currency. We bought tomatoes from a tray in front of someone's house and the sign said ISK only.
  12. Definitely want waterPROOF, not water Resistant in Iceland. Expect rain every day. Thick soles are needed as the surfaces are cold (even in June it can be in the 40s), wet, and rarely flat, so you want protection from "pointy rocks"
  13. Faneuil Hall shops (on the Freedom Trail) will be selling every kind of Harvard gear you can imagine.
  14. This is the public bus company: https://www.straeto.is/en Schedules are hard to read, but it's a start. With limited vacation time I would take a cab
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