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  1. My wife had the insulated ones, I wore waterproofs over denim pants. We were both fine
  2. I agree. A HOHO bus in Boston even just staying onboard the whole time would be fascinating. That ride to the Cape is going to be close to 2 hours (or more) each way, and you can't really get close to many beaches in a bus. It's pretty down there, but there isn't a whole lot of history (good stuff in Hyannis, but not much more).
  3. Good choice, Len. Great picture, Turtle. I love how the rope is attached to the stage before the show starts and then how what happens to it is never really mentioned, just a cool extra. We saw Ham for the 8th time 2 weeks ago in Providence (6 NYC, 1 Boston, 1 PVD) and have our 9th over Labor Day in NYC. This was the first time we felt the cast wasn't really into it emotionally. Could be the matinee after a night show, or just the size of the facility. I expect it to be A+ again in NYC. Never paid $250 or more to see it, either. Always face value, always pretty close (the box seats in NYC are amazing!)
  4. It's the wrong time for the Falls. The attractions are closed, although you can still see the Falls and they will be beautiful. Unlikely to be frozen solid (it can happen) that early in the winter season, but it will be cold there and that area is subject to Lake Effect storms. 3 days in Toronto would be much more interesting to me
  5. It's a spectacle, but there's no "there" there. Just a huge amount of artificial sweetener, amazing sets and good costumes. If you *do* go, it's worth getting there early to admire the set and there is some "action" prior to the show starting that is interesting to watch. Attached is a picture we took in Boston last summer. We were in the Mezz, dead center, pretty low.
  6. And one other correction: Your cruise is still leaving from NYC. You've been moved from the borough of Manhattan to the borough of Brooklyn, both are NYC (as is Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island)
  7. True, there is no fine for the customer, but you could arrive to find the listing has been pulled due to legal issues taken against the landlord, or landlord fear of repercussions which can be significant, and then you have nowhere to go. Visitors have also been kicked out in the middle of a stay due to angry neighbors reporting the stay. And then there's the whole "just don't do it because it's illegal" thing, that some folks still concern themselves with.
  8. Good, better, best, and my condolences! 🙂 We've got Hamilton (again) and Hadestown over Labor Day, and the new Little Shop of Horrors and Freestyle Love Supreme in early November. And "Six" is starting here in Cambridge next week, before it moves to B'way in 2020, so we are seeing that soon. Hoping for great things!
  9. lots of places you can leave your bags and explore, if that's what you want to do. Most hotels will hold them for a tip/fee.
  10. Absolutely. Those are the other 10%
  11. I know most folks take lots of luggage on a cruise (we do), but if you are one of those who just do Carryons, then you can do some activities in NYC where you can take those with you.
  12. Great point about Hudson Yards. We haven't been there yet so I didn't think of it. Mostly 'spensive shops, I imagine
  13. Be more specific in your needs there, but it's the same thing: You'll get the first dozen replies, or you can use google to find these: https://www.delish.com/food-news/g22799540/new-york-city-best-pizza/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/15/nyregion/best-pizza-slices-nyc.html https://www.thrillist.com/eat/new-york/the-best-pizza-in-new-york-city etc, etc. etc
  14. True. And 90% of tourists never leave Manhattan. So safe as long as you don't "act the fool" or search out the few unsafe areas which are far from the major and minor tourists sites.
  15. There aren't any real "malls" in Manhattan, but there is every kind of dress shop you might want. Macy's and Bloomingdales are, of course, from NYC, and you will also find Nordstrom and everything else there, too. Designer places, discounters like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and most other stores are there, too. Taxi or subway will be needed, or a walk of about a mile or more each way, depending where you go
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