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  1. Thank you for your response. Guess I should have know that!!
  2. If we have paid for our cruise(and certainly would like to take it) but have to cancel because of the Caranovirus, do we still get the points? Sounds like a silly question but I may be in that situation. Booked this cruise to get points to become Elite for our next cuirse and now with this virus issue may have be able to go.
  3. I asked my TA to change to 4 perks from 1 perk which saved me over $450 and one perk I will not never use(wifi). However when he sent me the confirmation it showed $310 for gratuities. He said it takes a few days to adjust. Glad I saw this and wonder if it would have adjusted without me catching it. Thanks to whoever mentioned the sale on this site. Saved me some $'s.
  4. Just changed from 1 perk to 4 for another $400 which saves me about $450 and not including the internet perk $'s which we will not use. I am hoping someone on board can use the minutes. Could only do 1 or 4 perks no 3.
  5. It has been almost a year ago on the Edge but I think the menu was more varied with different fish dinners. It was very busy in the evening at that time.
  6. We have eaten at Sushi on Five many times. Never use it as one of specialty dinners since whenever we have eaten there the bill so always under $30 a person(and a lot more). And once you eat there you can request a discount for next visit and I have gotten from 20%-30% off. The "sushi" restaurant on the Edge is much different so I am only speaking about other ships. We enjoy it.
  7. My complaint is that once you sit down for dinner the servers want you to order immediately. We tell them we would like to order our wine first and they go get someone but continue to try to get us to order. We had then decided to go to the Wine Cellar but on Summit it is now mostly a beer bar with no knowledge of wines especially during dining hours. Also many wines listed as covered under upgraded wine package are not available at many(if not all) bars and dining venues. We certainly get by but truly dislike the speed the restaurant servers are at to get you in and out. It is not as bad as the one time we sailed on Norwegian(had to tip the server to get someone with a wine list) but it is going in that direction.
  8. If one sails on RC do you earn any Captain Club points? I ask here as I see many sail on both and might know the answer.
  9. We pay the gratuity they request. I did change our perk to gratuity on an upcoming 14 day cruise in August opposed to $150/person as it was a better option. However we always give extra to our room attendant and extra to wine and service people at main dining although we only eat there maybe out of 4 of the 7 nights for example. I guess we are the type of people that pay and then tip extra to the ones we actually see often but it is not a lot considering what we spend overall. We appreciate kindness and they do seem to work hard. I guess that is why we are comfortable acknowledging their service. We may be, thinking about it, just doing what they want us to do. I do hope the workers get the gratuity! We met a couple from Australian on a cruise who never tip ever even on private tours or ever on a cruise.That is their custom we were told. They were quite clear about that. We would feel uncomfortable not tipping(we are from USA) and we choose to do it.
  10. Can I change my choice of perk to gratuity instead of onboard credit now? For a 14 day cruise it really makes sense. Foolish of me to have chosen OBC instead of gratuity to begin with.
  11. If you are asking about specialty dining where you are assigned for 1st night dining, you can go to the maître 'd at one of the restaurant upon boarding and change time or date. If you purchased first night dinner at reduced rate than you have that time assignment. We use to do early or late dining and enjoyed the company of many. However, over the years it seems many people do specialty dining and the table has few people at it many nights. We changed to open dining so that we could do specialty dining and not feel we were neglecting our table mates. Also open dining gives you the freedom to dine whenever you want. We dine later so we have never waited more then 15 minutes at most. Going back to assigned specialty dining-I have found that the dining staff is very helpful and most willing to rearrange your reservations especially if you are somewhat flexible. Do this at the beginning of the cruise for best choices.
  12. Will check Celebrity site. Thanks.
  13. We will be reaching elite status finally. However, since we always get the upgraded drink package I do not see now that it there is a big advantage. I was so looking forward to being elite.....
  14. We used SPB tours for a 2 day tour(small group) a couple of years ago. Our guide was named "Eugina" we think - young woman. She was wonderful. We also used SPB for one day tours in other countries and they were also good. Informative and on time. I would certainly use SPB again.
  15. We used SPJ tours a year or two ago. It was maybe 8-14 people and it was for 2 days. Same guide(Eurgina who was fabulous) each day. One of our favorite ports and tours. We usually use non-Celebrity tours in Europe and have never been disappointed. As suggested check Roll Call for your cruise - great way to make contact - this is how we have always done it. Loved this itinerary.
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