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  1. I was scheduled to go on the Silhouette 3/27/20, and received the cancellation e-mail on 3/13/20. The next day I applied for the refund. Mid April I called Celebrity, and the CSR told me my refund was processed by them on 3/17/20, roughly 3 days after I applied for it. I received my deposit and purchased on-board credits back last Thursday, with the remaining amount received today. So, it took approximately 7 weeks to make me whole.
  2. The Carnival Jubilee was my first cruise for my honeymoon, back in June 1987. We went to the Eastern Caribbean out of Miami. It cost me $2K for the lowest level inside cabin, but the flight from L.A. and an overnight hotel in Miami was included. I tell newbie cruise friends (post 2010 cruisers) that the experience was much "grander" than what you would get on a Celebrity or Princess ship of today. The food, entertainment, and service was top notch, even being in steerage. Plus, back then, there were virtually no children on board, and everyone followed the dress code rules. Still cruising with the same wife.
  3. We were also supposed to be on your sailing. I asked for a refund 1 day (March 14th) after receiving the cancellation e-mail. I received a mystery amount ($120) refund on my credit card about 2 weeks ago, but nothing since. I can't figure out how that amount was gotten to. The fees/taxes for the trip was $111 a person.
  4. How will demand be sky high ? Also, what is normal ? We will likely have double digit unemployment, like the Great Recession. Always easy to layoff people, but much slower to rehire. The stock market has a good chance (or not) of tanking. Until there is a vaccine (12+ months from now), or a very effective medical solution to the respiratory issues, there will be plenty of active cases throughout the world. Ports from 3rd world countries, where lots of cruise ships stop at, will still be leery of accepting cruise ships. Plus, a huge concern for cruise companies, is that new cruisers (their money makers) will be turned off from trying a cruise after seeing those cruise ships (Diamond Princess, Grand Princess, etc) become floating death traps. I've had multiple people who have been vacillating about cruising tell me that NOW they will never go on one. People will forget, like they always do, but times will probably be tough for cruise lines initially. The people of this web site are mostly die hard cruisers, so they will have no problem coming back. Others, not so much, so pricing/demand may be greatly affected.
  5. I got the MoveUp invite bid a full 75 days before my March 27th cruise on the Silhouette. The ship is wide open, with a huge unsold inventory. We love our mid-ship location, so will not take a chance on winning the bid and being placed at a full forward/aft location on the ship.
  6. We used Bonaire Vista Tours a few years back and were quite ambivalent about the tour you mentioned. There is a lot of driving, through a very arid (desert-like) area, with only a handful of stops. It was one of the hottest days of the year, and we were packed into a mini-bus filled to the brim, with an inadequate A/C system. Also, the 3.5 hour tour ended up being close to 4.5 hours which seemed way too long. They made sure we made the ship's departure time, but there was a little anxiety, since we ended up cutting it close. The few places we stopped at were O.K., but not worth all the driving we did. Others seemed to enjoy the tour, but how many cactus can you look at ? I'm not saying not to take them, but if you are claustrophobic or get car sick, you may want to avoid the tour. We're going back to Bonaire in April, and will just take a taxi to a beach resort and enjoy the beautiful ocean scenario.
  7. So, it looks like there is a possibility that a sale may come along. Other than that, it doesn't seem like there is any advantage reservation-wise, since I don't want to book a specialty restaurant the first night. Also, the 3 night package gives only a slight discount of $11, if you choose the main three (Murano, Tuscan Grill, Lawn Club). The 4 night seems like a better deal being only $20 more than the 3 night package. I may just end up booking 1-2 individual restaurants ahead of time, and pay full price so I can get the day/time I want. Saving $4 a restaurant meal doesn't seem like such a great incentive, if I am not guaranteed anything.
  8. Hello all. We are currently booked on the Silhouette sailing March 2020. This will be our second Celebrity cruise, but it has been 17 years since our last on the Celebrity Mercury to Alaska. We are primarily Princess and RCCL cruisers, but I have wanted to try Celebrity for the last few years. I'm looking forward to trying the various specialty restaurants that is on the Silhouette. I do have a few questions regarding purchasing the multi-day specialty dining package, for those who are familiar with them. One, is there any reason to hold off purchasing it now ? Does Celebrity, like RCCL occasionally does, offer % off discounts, when purchased online before the cruise, on the dining packages ? I know about the first night deals, but am not interested. I'm looking at the 3-5 night packages. If I do purchase the package, is there a way to reserve times at specific restaurants on specific nights, before boarding ? Or, must I wait until I'm onboard to make the reservations ? I see, on the website, that if I want to purchase a single night / single restaurant it will allow me to reserve the day/time for that restaurant, paying full price. I also know that if the restaurant is slow, that onboard they do offer negotiable discounts. I'm a planner, and if I can set "stuff" up ahead of time, it makes for more of a stress free trip for me. Thanks to all who can reply.
  9. What a wonderful trip review. You really captured the essence of cruising with Princess. The "food" photos are spectacular, along with the ship. I'm sending a link to a few of my friends who have always wondered what traveling on Princess is like. They have only been a few short Carnival cruises, and were not impressed. I think this review may change their mind.
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