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  1. Well, I found another couple on our same flight to Sydney who are staying at the same hotel overnight before the same cruise. We will share a cab to the hotel and to the ship the following day. Therefore, I have cancelled the shuttle reservation and there will be no follow up to my little adventure. That is all.
  2. I never responded to this. They say they will take us to the door. White Bay is nowhere near anything! Our cruise will end at OPT and since a cab ride to White Bay seemed unavoidable it didn't really seem to matter much where we stayed. Thus the Holiday Inn for both nights. Haven't decided what we will do but I will try to remember to report back mid November.
  3. We are arriving at 8 am on October 16, a Wendesday and leaving from White Bay Cruise terminal. The cruise ends at OPT so I figured we might as well use the Holiday Inn for both. I just got a lengthy reply from the shuttle company (Sydney Airport Arrival Shuttle), so that is encouraging. If they don't show up, I can always take a taxi at that point and pay $25 for the lesson.
  4. The big problem with the train guys is the bags. We're headed for a 30 day cruise. Sorry it's the Holiday Inn, not the Hilton
  5. I found a recent website (GetYourGuide.com) which is advertising shared shuttles from the airport to CBD hotels for very reasonable prices, for my wife & I, less than 25 USD. You have to go to a pre-determined location and look for a guy with a sign, OK, been there, done that. I know these could mean we have to sit on a bus while we stop at a bunch of other hotels to let people off but we will have plenty of time and it's one way to see the city. Not sure what taxi fare is but I have seen everything from 25-35 USD all the way up to 120 AUD. I'm sure GetYourGuide is a broker using local providers but that's not necessarily bad. Is anyone aware of this operation and is it safe to use? I'm going to email to see what response I get. Thanks in advance
  6. We want to do this tour on July 14, yes, a Sunday. I would book in advance but I don't know the time of the tour to pick because we are doing other stuff. Am I likely to be able to purchase a ticket on the spot or are the tours likely to be fully booked. Thanks for any help!
  7. Uh, I don't know if I'm supposed to disclose this, but a HAL rep told me today that if you book a ships tour in advance using a credit card that when you get on board, before the tour occurs, you can have the excursions desk reverse the credit card charge and put the charge on your onboard account. I never knew this. Please don't blame me if this turns out not to be true, I'm just relaying what I was told.
  8. OK, I'm convinced on beverage card and donating any overage to the crew.
  9. Am I right that this doesn't save you any money, just means you don't have to sign every time?
  10. We are on the Rotterdam in July and want to make sure we don't leave money on the table. We tend to book our shore excursions early before boarding which means we can't use our onboard account to pay for them. We actually forfeited money on one cruise because we were comped tips, internet and a drink package. We don't do spa or specialty dining. We don't have any of that this time so I assume we can use our onboard account for gratuities and internet. We don't drink enough to make the drink package pay. I guess we will postpone booking as many shore excursions as possible so we can use our shipboard account and hope none of the tours we postpone are sold out. Is this essentially correct or am I missing something?
  11. I was aware of the term "CBD" but it did take a few moments. Never hear it in the US. Very gratified by all the responses, but especially The_Big_M for a very thoughtful response with careful consideration of the details I included. Will be researching with that in mind. Thanks to all.
  12. Based on the following facts, which area of Sydney should we choose for our hotel? We have been to Sydney before and have done the opera house, bridge, harbour cruise, tower, Blue Mountains. Just looking for a spot where activities are going on that's good for people watching with eating options and everything within easy walking distance. We will fly in Wed 10/16/2019 arriving around 7 a.m. (early check-in?). We will board our ship about 1 p.m. the following day at White Bay Cruise Terminal. Our cruise will end Sat 11/16/2019 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at 7 a.m. and we have decided to fly out the following day around 9:30 am. Because of luggage considerations we have decided to use taxis for ground transportation so it seems like anywhere in the city would work. What part of the city would you suggest?
  13. Wow, I can Identify with this. Will be doing this next fall and was considering a similar strategy until reading this. So where did you stay in Darling Harbor and would you recommend it? Great story.
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