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  1. Yes, Nieuw Amsterdam is the last ship built with the traditional promenade deck and deck chairs. Basically NA is the same as the Vista class which debuted with Zuiderdam in 2003.
  2. Malaga is a frequent Holland America port with its good harbor and port facility. I have enjoyed the beautiful park just off the entrance to the cruise port and close access to much of the old city. Both HOHO bus and city buses are convenient. Others have already added great photos of Malaga, so I will just share a few of Vermont where we are now. Trapp Lodge
  3. Good morning. Agree with you, the Newfoundlander is an amazing dog. The one we saw yesterday did seem less than happy to be on a crowded street with warm sun. The owner told us they had come from a swim. It seemed here in Maine so many have large dogs. We love all kinds of animals and consider them a great part of our existence.
  4. Today in Bar Harbor, we met this bear like Newfie.
  5. I was there on the Prinsendam in 2010. Overnight call, as it had to be timed with high tide. Very nice.
  6. I was there on the Prinsendam in 2010. Overnight call, as it had to be timed with high tide. Very nice.
  7. Good morning from a frequent summertime Holland America port, Bar Harbor, Maine. I have been here, first on the Maasdam in 2006, on the reposition cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Montreal, and again on the same in 2014. Third time on her sister ship, the Veendam in 2017 coming from Montreal to Boston which was in June. All 3 times were cool and mostly wet. Friday, we returned via Buick, to a rainy day thanks to Elsa. Saturday, yesterday, finally was glorious with sunshine and 70 degrees! We were able to tour Acadia National Park complete with walking the rugged shoreline along Thunder H
  8. Looks like my home city will be getting plenty of wind and rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Storm surge may be the biggest issue. Our condo, 3rd floor should be fine, with new windows and a new roof. Here in Maine it is cloudy today after yesterday's beautiful day. We go to Bar Harbor Thursday, so we are not in sync with destination of the day. Pics of Camden, Maine, from yesterday. There was a small concert in the park.
  9. Since Roy keeps my name on the celebration list, I feel compelled to post when ever we have maritime events. Today in Maine, we toured Belfast. Yes Belfast, but not the one in Ireland. It is a delightful town on the coast complete with a port, not a Holland America port, but large enough for American Cruise Line. I think the Prinsendam could have tendered guests ashore here and maybe it did? I thought it was as nice as Bar Harbor in some ways, but no national park adjoining it. The Independence backed in while we were there with less than 70 guests. We talked with 2 gents from
  10. Hi Gerry. Enjoy your posts from the frozen tundra! This Floridian is in Maine and has achieved success in finding cool weather today. The high was 62F, or 17C or as the rest of the world knows it. We saw a "bear" license tag today at a shop. It was from the Northwest Territory, as you probably know. I've seen them before. Our Airbnb here in Maine is ancient by Florida standards, built in 1891. The interior has been rebuilt and is quite comfortable.
  11. Good morning from downeast, Maine. Yesterday we visited Portland, Maine, an occasional port call for Holland America. Portland features a rather high area overlooking the port and surrounding area. Many very large homes occupy the streets. Prior to Portland, we really enjoyed Ogunquit, a very small coastal town with a popular draw, it's Marginal Way walkway along the Ocean.
  12. Good morning from Philadelphia. We spent 2 nights in a B&B close to downtown. My first time touring Philadelphia, and have enjoyed the historic buildings and history on display. Arrival had to include a stop at pier 82 along the Delaware River to see the SS United States. The side view as we drove towards her was impressive with the massive funnels. Otherwise, she looks very sad.
  13. My travels included a couple of days at Rehoboth Beach, near where the ferry goes to Cape May. We had decided not to take the ferry, having done the 2 car ferries to the Outer Banks. It felt spring like yesterday with full sun and air temp of 72. Atlantic Ocean water temp was only 63, so the northeast breeze kept it cool. Beautiful hydrangeas.
  14. Although I have no ships to post today from our location on Virginia's Eastern Shore, yesterday we made the best of a rainy day by shopping the local stores. I was surprised to find not one, but 8 Holland America T shirts at a charity thrift store. Our B&B was using a HAL tile for a leveler for the room fridge. Guess a loyal Mariner is never far from his love of Blue Hulled Beauties! Happy Birthday Roy! We will be in Chincoteague today for your birthday, not far from your home???
  15. The cold front reached here on the eastern shore of Virginia this afternoon with hard rain and winds. No boat rides today. Those of us who enjoy the equator crossings and the King Neptune celebrations may enjoy this pic from Virginia Beach.
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