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  1. If I bid on a RoyalUp offer and win, does Royal Caribbean assign me a new cabin? Do I have to accept it and pay the amount I bid if I don't like the location? Or can I pick from all available cabins in the RoyalUp category that I won? If I win the bid for a Junior Suite, would I receive double Crown and Anchor points?
  2. I apologize for asking questions that probably have been asked and answered many times, but I just can't locate the specific information I need. Please tell me the answer to any of these questions: DH and I are booked on a 3-night Bahamas and "Perfect Day" cruise out of Port Canaveral on the Mariner of the Seas. We'd rather not bother with formal wear, but would like to know whether it would be worth the trouble. 1. Will there be a formal night? 2. Would we be allowed in the Main Dining Room on formal night if we are dressed casually (long pants, collared shirt)? 3. Is there a Welcome Aboard Party" or a "Crown and Anchor" Party (for those of us who have not yet qualified for Platinum) that requires formal dress to attend? 4. Is the food in the Main Dining Room better on formal night than on other nights? 5. On casual nights, is it allowed for women and/or men to wear sandals in the main dining room? 6. Does the buffet offer the same food as the main dining room? Thank you for your help.
  3. What is there to do at CocoCay that doesn't cost extra? Must I book an "excursion" there or plan to stay on the ship? Is lunch served that day on the ship?
  4. No ice rink? 😭 Seriously though, I live in Florida and have convenient access to ships with those kinds of amenities. Not interested! New ports and appropriate lectures sound good to me.
  5. A useful generalization, even if a "gross oversimplification". We sailed down the Amazon on Princess, but she doesn't do that anymore. This year we're doing 2 itineraries on Princess that are different for us - Search for the Northern Lights and a sail-by of Antarctica. But I can't find anything new on Princess for 2021. We have reached the age where we need comfort (not luxury), safety, and special food in our travels. Do any of the small expedition ships that you have in mind meet those requirements?
  6. We cruised the Galapagos on Celebrity XP recently. One of my favorite cruises! Please explain what you mean by "savvy passengers".
  7. I received an answer this morning. In part, this is what is says, "The only way to obtain points for your Le Club Voyage, is to sail with Azamara or Celebrity. After the loyalty numbers are created, we cannot transfer points from Royal to Azamara and vise-versa."
  8. I emailed Le Club Voyage on Sunday, but have not heard back. How long should I expect to wait for an answer?
  9. When is Holland America expected to post her "Grand Voyages" for the second half of 2021? I am considering 3 cruise lines for my April - August 2021 cruise and would like to see what HAL has to offer before I book anything else.
  10. I understand that if I am a Platinum RCL Crown & Anchor, I would be an Azamara Le Club Voyage Explorer. If I then earn 150 Azamara Club Points by sailing Azamara, would I then have a total of 300 LCV points and be at the Discoverer level in LCV or would I still be Explorer until I earn 300 LCV points? In other words, do LCV points go on top of reciprocal points?
  11. It looks to me that if I have 30 "Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor" points, I would qualify for Azamara's Le Club Voyage Explorer Tier. Am I correct? I currently have 29 C&A points, so it would require another cruise on RCL to earn the one point that I'm short. Although it might be cheaper just to pay for the internet and laundry on an upcoming Azamara cruise, I'm considering doing a "knots run" (like frequent fliers do a "mileage run") just to get the elevated status for this and any future cruises. Would this technique work?
  12. Thanks Grandma, I missed that. But now I will definitely read it. 655 replies 😲
  13. Tokyo to Singapore; Singapore to Piraeus; Greece; Black Sea. As far as I've seen, there is not a "Grand Voyage" designation.
  14. DH and I are considering booking 4 Azamara cruises for a total of 60 b2b days. Most of our experience is with Princess. For Princess, we know how to get onboard credit, reduced and refundable deposits, how to change to lower fares after booking, and when we'd need to cancel in order to get a full refund. How might we do those things on Azamara? I think that in order to be in the same cabin for all 4 cruises, we'd have to book very early (like now !) So no chance of trying out Azamara on one short cruise before committing to the long one. We like Azamara's itineraries and we know the ship, having sailed on Azamara Pursuit when she was the Royal Princess. Is there anything else we need to know about cruising with Azamara before we book?
  15. Thank you everyone. A lot of good ideas here. I now have a lot of research to do.
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