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  1. Best of luck to you Andrew, Lisa and Owen on your return... when ever that will be. Also good luck to ALL in Dorian's path. Andrew, enjoying your review as always.
  2. Hi Kmom. Thanks for the review. We are going on Adventure next year as a family (2 adult daughters with their families). I was wondering if you can open the balcony dividers? We were on Oasis a few years ago and we had side by side balcony cabins and were able to open them. This made for a very large balcony and we could walk from one cabin to another without going in the hallway. Again thanks for taking the time to write this review.
  3. I got it for our Adventure cruise next year!!
  4. I believe I also read that double points don't apply if you win a (suite) bid on Royal Up, but would apply if you self upgrade. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Thanks for the info on the parking garage. Oops, sorry about mentioning the name!
  6. Turtles06, I just looked at the link you posted. Oh my, it is not the same one I found. Its totally different, even the cost per day to park there. The one I found and printed says the cost is $19 per day. I found it on the TA's website that I booked with, Direct Line Cruises.
  7. We are cruising this summer on Anthem and it leaves on Thursday. I also would appreciate any updates on the road construction. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello all! We are cruising on Anthem out of Cape Liberty this summer and I just printed out the driving directions. It states... "At this time, there is no covered or valet parking at Cape Liberty Cruise Port". Are they renovating the garage? Curious what happened to the garage and why its not in use.
  9. Thanks Bob. I thought the discount was per cabin.
  10. Is the balcony discount per person or per cabin?
  11. Well... I called my TA a couple hours ago. Again, they tell me our cabin has not been assigned yet. Oh well, we will wait patiently until it is.
  12. We had that experience on Anthem last year also nelblu. We got charged on our seapass card a few times and had to get it removed. Even when we asked in the MDR we were told yes you can, but then found the charges on our statement.
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