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  1. The chick and I got really lucky this morning. The chick got fed - and I got to watch!! (And recorded it for you to watch too) 😁
  2. Time to say goodbye A BIG thank-you to 'Madame Cruise Director' @OzKiwiJJ for not only coming up with the fabulous idea for this virtual cruise but also supplying us with all the necessary details to make this a memorable experience. Lots of info for places to visit on our ports of call on this great itinerary and items of discussion for the relaxing sea days. Marvelous ship with a great crew, favourable weather (apart from the odd bits of rough seas), nice and friendly cruise companions (none of whom whinged, all had good table manners and most importantly adhered to all mandated health and hygiene instructions). Hoping that we can get back to real-life cruising before too long.
  3. It's worth getting out of bed REAL early to experience the always special sail-in to Sydney harbour
  4. Thanks for the info Here's another one I got - just stretching a little - too much sitting around ...
  5. The food - like everything on this cruise - has been outstanding 👍 Compliments to the exec chef and his team and all the restaurant staff who made sure the food arrived fresh, hot and with the right amount of time in between courses to be able to catch your breath but not fall asleep either! 😉
  6. From RCL's Australian website https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en?country=AUS
  7. I only attend any lectures if the subject truly interests me (like anything to do with ships/navigation and also nature - especially connected to the current itinerary) Definitely not anything to do with wars or history. On my Celebrity Solstice cruise in Dec 2018 we had a fabulous young American naturalist named Chelsea Behymer. Her commentary while we cruised Fiordland was refreshingly different to anything I had on previous cruises. She also did several very interesting presentations in the theater - her enthusiasm was quite infectious 🙂 On the same cruise I also attended Captain Tasos' fabulous presentation (he could make almost ANY subject interesting I think ...)
  8. There used to be the Route 555 buses in the CBD that were free - not sure how long ago that ceased.
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