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  1. We were comped a crown loft suite on Allure ($95 pp) invited to bid. We bid on ATS 2 bedroom and won $500 pp bid (that was between 4 people) deal of a lifetime and so was that cruise
  2. How can u say it’s better to play tBles than slots. Table games are notorious for giving terrible points vs slots
  3. We were just on the Allure. I had a cash account bought something and new I had $22 left available. We were star class and had dinner in Izumi with a couple. The next day I checked my account I owed $93. I was like huh? Turned out they put the other couples meals on our account. I have no idea why but they did end up taking it off
  4. I had to shake my head when I read the title and post. Who does that? Wanting a refund for a “bad” cruise before they even step foot on the ship it’s absurd
  5. No not the haven pool area or Haven sundeck. That would not be fair to paying haven guests who pay a lot as you know for that. As for haven restaurant I believe it’s a $25 pp price for dinner.
  6. I just didn’t think it was anything special. I’m Italian and very very picky about Italian food so maybe that’s why. Like Olive Garden I wouldn’t dare step foot in there lol. Not saying Giovanni’s is like Olive Garden. I will say the service was outstanding. I just wasn’t a fan of the food either were my friends
  7. We ate at Chops, Samba Grill, Sabor, Giovanni’s Table and Izumi. I loved them all except Giovanni’s
  8. I was on the same cruise. The comedian Rich was hysterical we were in the first row so he picked on my friends mom who had a heavy Italian accent. And your right the woman comedian was blah
  9. Responding to my own question. Back from the Allure and low limit was for all tables Let it Ride, 3 card, UTH all $5. In the beginning of the week the tables all went back to $10 minimum however casino was not that crowded and they kept all the tables @ $5 except BJ which was $10 minimum
  10. An update. Was just on Allure and my friend got the lucky ladies with dealers BJ $5000
  11. I was surprised to see it open while in St Maarten last week but it was. Also open in Labadee
  12. I think the offer bids are all different. We were in a crown loft suite our offers were as follow: ATS 1 bedroom starting at $100 ATS 2 bedroom starting at $400 Star loft suite starting at $800 and yes we won our ATS 2 bedroom for $100 over minimum bid
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