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  1. Not sure if changes have occurred, but was there 3 times in Nov. and Dec. Each time we had 2 loungers with our bed.
  2. Just did beach beds 3 separate times in November and December. Two times were great and 1 time okay. The wind played a major factor in enjoyment. Yes, it was not as enjoyable as a cabana, but logistics can be worked out. Four towel clips were used to hold side curtains together, pillows were used to keep back curtains in place, and floating beds were placed on the sides to keep the pinned curtains from blowing. There was some sun coming in but not nearly as much without the rigging. All 3 times we were on the front row, once each to the right, left and middle (facing the water). The least desirable spot was the far left facing the water... you have less real estate/ personal space.
  3. Haven't seen that brand on Royal.
  4. We will be cruising the same time frame as you mentioned. In the past a few decorations appeared just after Thanksgiving and grew as time went on. Looking forward to meeting.
  5. DH has picked up to go meals from the CK on Allure.
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