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  1. I don't remember the specialty dinner. We were recognized at the CC party right after the most traveled. Also, we were invited to tour the bridge.
  2. I've seen it in more than one port where the highlighted people board with their priority group and not earlier than most others like Elite, suite, etc. This spreads out the crew who do the assisting/pushing wheelchair, so as many aren't needed if the wheelchairs/special assistance people board all at once.
  3. I have never seen mini bottles of Jack Daniels or any type of bourbon in a mini bar setup. You can only trade for the 4 types of alcohol that have been mentioned. One way you can get Jack or any bourbon is to buy through Room service where the Jack Daniels (375 ml bottles) sells for around $26 and various bourbons are cheaper.
  4. I'm not having much luck getting Princess to transfer a Sky Princess cruise that I booked when it first opened. I need a little "ammo" that my TA or I can use. Would any of those who posted success in transferring an older cruise be willing to share any specifics? I don't want anyone to compromise their booking but Princess is asking for proof that exceptions have been made. I just get the standard response someone posted earlier. I can provide an email to respond to me directly. Thanks.
  5. Just off the Royal Princess from Quebec to FLL. The new wines were in place and due to selection, there is no longer a Silver Package offered, only a Gold Package. The price of the Gold Package appeared to be the same as previous purchases.
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