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  1. No, the thermal suite access just provides access to the chaise loungers, sauna and steam facilities.
  2. 4 ceramic ? Heated chaise lounges. People are pretty good about minimizing their time so there isn’t any chair hogging. 2 steam rooms and i believe 1 dry sauna. The room is an internal space so no view to be had Only complaint would be the people that come in and hold conversations with their significant other. Impacts the serenity of a great space. Week long pass is a great deal, IMO.
  3. I am booked on the Payouts on Tap cruise in August on Allure. In the past, I have done the Easter Egg hunt, the BBQ beach bash and the SUper Bowl cruises. No knowledge of the Payouts cruise (this is the 3rd year). Has anyone done this event in the past? Looking for feedback.
  4. Another option...shower in the full size showers available in the gym/spa
  5. The corner aft cabins on Deck 8 are both 2 BR Grand Suites
  6. We have yet to cruise with our sons in the same stateroom as us..among our favorite configurations is parents in a balcony and kids across the hall in a boardwalk balcony, the further aft the better to get a great ocean view and viewing events in the aqua theater
  7. I cruise almost exclusively with Club Royale offers....these offers are a reward for past play/marketing tool for RCCL....no expectation of play on the next cruise
  8. That has been my experience as well..approx 48% off the rack rate, not the website rate. If Rccl is offering a Boy one, get one 50% off deal, you’re both getting a 25% discount. So the casino rate is worth about an extra 25% off.
  9. I left something on board a ship following a cruise. I knew exactly where it was in the stateroom. I contacted them through list and found and they retrieved it. I had to give them credit card info to pay for mailing it back to me. Almost immediately, the card was used for fraudulent purposes in the South Florida area.
  10. Another factor to consider...pre-purchasing with a 30% off internet special usually comes with no tax. Purchasing on board, with a Diamond + 30% discount while still in port or inside 12 nm, u are open to being charged tax ~$3.50 a day.
  11. Craps tables are single odds up to $25 on the pass/come line. $25 pass/come gets you double odds $50 pass/come gets you vegas odds (3x-4x-5x)
  12. My experience, in this exact situation has been, if the two reservations were linked, they will allow them to dine in coastal kitchen for only 2 nights (of a 7 night cruise).
  13. Ur post made me smile. I use an identical method to assess the value of my cruise vacations. 2017: 58 cruise nights for $9900. 2018: 58 cruise nights $6300. All in suites except for the balcony i put my sons in once per year. I try to use $100 pp/pn as a planning tool. Still think it’s the best value for my vacation dollar
  14. Just off Oasis this past week and ate at Chops on night 1. Had a completely enjoyable meal in a super environment. Polled the other members of my house and all would ratecChops well above Longhorn, which i have always thought was overpriced.
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