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  1. Terminal normally opens for arriving passengers around 10:00AM when the preceding voyage gets down to a zero passenger count. If everything is on schedule the first passengers to board the vessel begins around 11:30AM. Everyone is in a rush to board so the first two hours are always the busiest.
  2. No way would I be satisfied with a thirty four minute connection. Call American Airlines again and plead your case. If they say they can’t or won’t help you make a flight change ask to speak with a supervisor. Drip honey when you call and tastefully explain that you are so upset over the situation and hopefully they will accommodate you and make a more reasonable flight connection. I wish you luck. Let us know how you make out.
  3. Alamo, National, Enterprise, Dollar, and Thifty provide free shuttle service from the Miami International Airport Rental Car Center to the Port Of Miami. Avis, Hertz, and Budget have downtown Miami locations that are relatively close to the Port Of Miami. The downtown Miami are smaller facilities that get very busy on cruise turnaround days. In reference to the Rental Car Center if you are renting a vehicle post cruise they provide free shuttle service in the opposite direction.
  4. Publix Supermarket has a decent selection of wines. They have locations all over the South Florida area. Most stores have a selection of over one hundred different bottles ranging in price from under ten dollars to over fifty plus.
  5. Larry’s Limos provides clean vehicles, knowledgeable drivers and reasonable rates. I personally recommend them to friends and families when they are visiting the South Florida area.
  6. The only safe place to park your vehicle is directly at the Port Of Miami. I have read too many sad stories since I joined Cruise Critic in 2001 of damaged vehicles which were left at off site locations in the City Of Miami. Pay twenty two dollars a day at the Port Of Miami and your vehicle will be safe and secure during your cruise. Many long time Cruise Critic posters who live in Miami say the same thing about this subject. There are plenty of safe and secure off site parking locations in Port Everglades, Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Unfortunately there aren’t any in Miami.
  7. Larry’s Limos is the way to go. Clean vehicles, knowledgeable drivers, and reasonable rates. Highly recommended by many Cruise Critic posters including myself that have used there services.
  8. If a region becomes unstable most if not all cruise companies will change the ships scheduled itinerary. If the situation becomes extreme and the entire area is considered dangerous the cruise line most likely will change the ships entire itinerary and inform all booked passengers that they have a choice to sail on a revised itinerary or cancel and receive a full refund. This scenario has also shown up in some Caribbean sailings where certain ports were damaged by hurricanes and cruise lines were forced to change itineraries from say an Eastern Caribbean cruise to a Western Caribbean sailing. A former next door neighbor was involved in a situation like this last year. On an Oceania cruise from Athens last year there was some political unrest in Haifa, Israel, there first scheduled port of call. Two hours before the ships scheduled arrival the captain informed passengers that he was concerned about possible problems near the pier. He decided after consultations with Oceania executives that Haifa would be canceled and they would head to there second scheduled port of call at a reduced speed.
  9. Wine packages on Royal Caribbean are a thing of the past. Now it’s either the Drink Package or pay as you go. I have never seen any special deals in Vintage’s either.
  10. The ship normally gets down to a zero passenger count around 9:30AM to 10:00AM for the previous sailing. The terminal for arriving passengers usually opens around 10:30AM and the ship usually begins the boarding process around 11:30AM. Getting there any time after 10:00AM and you should be one of the first groups to board the ship.
  11. Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Of The Seas is a beautiful ship and so much newer and better than The Carnival Fascination, a ship that went into service in 1994. It’s one of Carnival’s older ships that doesn’t have the bells and whistles associated with the Freedom Of The Seas. As for the liquor question no one under twenty one will be served on any Royal Caribbean ships that leave from any North American Port. Lastly, in reference to any questions you may have, if you contact Royal Caribbean and ask a simple question and call ten times you may get ten absolutely different answers. Their customer service representatives aren’t the greatest in my estimation. Some Cruise Critic posters know a lot more than they do!
  12. My family normally takes a walk on the outside upper decks to get a feel of the ship. After thirty minutes or so we head to the buffet for lunch and after 1:30PM when the cabins are usually ready for occupancy we head there to drop off our carryons. Then we head back outside for a drink and wait for the muster drill to start. We then find a place to watch the ship leave on one of the outside decks. Great way to get our cruise vacation started.
  13. If you are renting from either Alamo, National, Enterprise, Dollar or Thifty they provide free shuttle service from the Miami International Airport Rental Car Center which is located directly across from Miami International Airport. The free shuttles are located on the top floor of the facility and the ride to the Port Of Miami takes approximately fifteen minutes. If you rent from Avis, Budget or Hertz they have smaller downtown locations that are very close to the Port Of Miami. Over the years there have been conflicting reports from Cruise Critic posters if the downtown locations provide free shuttle service. I personally drop off the rental vehicles at the Rental Car Center and hop on the shuttle. At the conclusion of my cruise if I’m staying in Florida I reverse the process and hop on the shuttle for transportation back to pick up a vehicle at the Rental Car Center. It’s a very easy process that I have used over the years.
  14. In a situation like that I normally rent a vehicle from FLL and then head over to either Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood Beach. I then either find a place on the beach for a nice lunch or head over to Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale to one of my favorite restaurants, Louie Bossi’s for a great Italian dinner. I store my luggage in the rental vehicle and head over to MIA at least two hours before my flight. A minimum twenty four hour rental for a full size or SUV is usually less than one hundred dollars.
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