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  1. Finally on task here! I have a pot of mint outside the back door that has been in many a julep throughout the stay-at-home, and I water my plants every day, too! If I remove the rice/meat from the Costco stuffed bell peppers in the fridge, will that count as a porcupine meatball for dinner? Thanks Rich and gang for carrying on!
  2. We have two biggies booked: 20 days South America/Antarctic in January 2021 and 32 days Hawaii/French Polynesia in February 2021. As of today...if they sail, we sail. (I have extreme quarantine fatigue. 😬 )
  3. I think there is a lot of truth to this. It isn't necessarily one size fits all. Sure the cruise business is great for places that really need the revenue stream and can't attract tourists otherwise, but for places like Hawaii, which has an incredible tourist infrastructure and attracts tourists anyway, there may be plenty of local business owners who would like to see the cruise ships shut out. It'll be really interesting to watch how things play out in some of these traditional tourist destinations that were thriving long before the cruise ships arrived.
  4. I hope people with serious conditions can continue to take their expensive "bucket list" trips. We've met many such people over the years. Cruises aren't typically strenuous. These are just weird times.
  5. Right about now we would be sleeping on the beautiful Westerdam, resting up for a nice sea day as our Asia extravaganza comes near to a close -- where I believe we would pass the baton to @cruisemom42 as she boards and we disembark in Tokyo on the 11th. Sigh. Maybe next year.
  6. I think that it would inspire a lot of confidence to book if the cruise lines would state clearly that they will not fill the big ships to capacity. Big ships with fewer passengers could be a healthy environment.
  7. Those are all nice ideas that Genting Cruise Lines has, but for us, we won't sail until there is a reliable treatment for Covid-19. That's what seems necessary for the protection of guests, crew, and ports of call. I know we all hope this happens soon.
  8. I am all set to make a sour cream coffee cake....because that's what I have the ingredients for! 😊 But I see Noordam is headed to San Diego. if anyone knows, is this where she will stay until she becomes active again? This may have been discussed elsewhere, but so many ships...my brain is muddled.
  9. Be sure to keep a record of your ticket numbers! We knew our flight from Japan was no longer a go, but it still showed up in our airline log-in...until one day it didn't. Just disappeared. No email notification, no nothing. This was about a week before the flight was supposed to take place. We called airline and, voila, gave ticket numbers and refund issued. It's a jungle out there!
  10. I love this thread. It brings up so many warm memories. I've lived in San Diego since 1975, and my sister and I were both pregnant and swimming and sunning at Moonlight Beach. Best days ever! And then @Seasick Sailor up there in Idaho... Until last year, we had a home in McCall where we spent about a quarter of the year. It became too hard to get up there and maintain the place, but, oh, my, so many happy Idaho days. I guess it's nostalgia days now, but I'm soooo looking forward to making more memories. Hopefully at sea!!
  11. In fairness to HAL, they have always in the past issued refunds super promptly. Even in February, when we cancelled spring Japan cruise, along with Flight Ease air and umpteen shore excursions, we received all of our cash refund just as quickly as is HAL's customary habit. And that was with no insurance, just the cruise cancelled by HAL. But that was then and this is now. What a difference a couple months can make!
  12. @nyceve Sorry you are having frustration. Other posters have solid suggestions of how to approach the problem, but realistically things probably won't happen too quickly. So many companies are just gripping to stay afloat. Sadly, so are a lot of individuals, who with sudden jobs lost, etc., could probably really use refund cash sooner rather than later. Seriously unprecedented situation. I just wanted to wish you well.
  13. Harkening back to the good old days, and to lift the mood, I'm reading P.G. Wodehouse, Three Men and a Maid. They're on a transatlantic cruise and eleven o'clock soup was just served on the promenade deck. Recommend. 😊
  14. They will probably, also, completely do away with enrichment/educational speakers. These have been on the wane anyhow, and I seriously doubt they'll be a priority for the next wave of cruisers.
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