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  1. Hi Fran, the ships are very warm, too warm for me. I wore tshirts in Antarctica on the ship! The waterproof shell is key with good layers (wool) underneath. The wind is what you'll need most protection from when the ship is moving. I also found it very windy at Nordkapp
  2. Hi Fran as a woman with long hair i found the hair dryers on the wall on Nordnorge inadequate. I brought my own on Midnatsol and am glad i did because they had the same dryers. I plan on bringing my own on Fram as well. I love the Arctic Pure hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I did bring a travel size heavy duty conditioner to use every few days since my hair is long. The plugs are typical 2 prong European plugs.
  3. I sailed Midnatsol this past NOvember. We had @ 420 passengers. We had one landing and one cruising per day. Yes we all rotated which group was first each day. I felt I had enough time per landing given I was walking in deep snow and everything seemed uphill. :) I will be on Fram at the end of the year and will see the differences then. Can't wait!
  4. I did Midnatsol to Antarctica and loved every second. I will be on Fram twice coming up...first to Greenland and second to Antarctica/S.Georgia/Falklands. I've toured the Fram twice and have seen the cabins. They are about the same size as a standard cabin on Carnival or HAL. I had an inside cabin for the first time ever on Midnatsol and didn't miss a window. I truly was rarely in my room.
  5. Aww you're very welcome!! I'm heading back to Antarctica on Fram in January, but this time also going to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island. Will have lots to report back then as well. You will love Midnatsol!
  6. No. I did Nordnorge for my coastal voyage from Bergen- Kirkenes-Trondheim in 2016. I have a review up here on CC.
  7. No time for Patagonia. I work. That would be a separate trip. I loved Antarctica. I loved the nature, the kayaking, the camping. Plus South Georgia Island and the Falklands are bucket list items for me. Looking forward to seeing the different penguins and other sea life. . And I'm looking forward to experiencing Fram which is alot smaller than Midnatsol.
  8. Sounds great! Im returning to Antarctica on Fram doing the Ultimate Antarctica to include the Falklands and South Georgia!
  9. Loved all the food for sure! And yes soup every day I did eat. :) I spent a week after the cruise in Ushuaia and did so many great activities there: hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, 4x4. Really loved Ushuaia!
  10. sorry didn't mean to post twice!
  11. https://seadream.com/cuba/ Important Cuba Announcement On June 4, 2019, the U.S. government announced new travel restrictions for Cuba that directly impact cruise travel to the Caribbean nation. After much consideration and extensive discussions with travel partners, SeaDream Yacht Club has decided to cancel its 2020 Cuba Collection. At this time, there are no future Cuba sailings on SeaDream itineraries.
  12. As one who has gone to the Arctic (Norway) and Antartica on Hurtigruten, I can tell you people who are bit by the polar bug are happy to return. I'm doing just that. Greenland/Labrador in September and back to Antarctica in January. There are many lines out there that are filling their Arctic and Antarctic voyages quite nicely. Many of us are happy to return many times! It would be wrong to pigeon hole Seadream passengers as only liking the Caribbean. It just so happens Seadream hasn't offered it yet, until now. But yes the competition is fierce in the expedition category and prices are high across the board for those cruises. It will be interesting to see where Seadream will fit in there. Unfortunately they won't have my business for this as I'm a solo traveler. I only travel with Mom here on Seadream. There are many lines that realize we solo travelers are a growing segment and offer either no solo supplement or pair you with a same sex room mate. I really do wish Seadream luck with Innovation.
  13. From what I understand the seas determine whether or not Saba is doable. I've been lucky enough for us to be able to anchor at Saba twice and loved it. I've done the Crispeen Track hike both times with James, a local guide. A highlight for sure. You go through rainforest and beautiful scenery which you wouldn't imagine there would be by seeing the imposing rock of an island from the sea. Anguilla is a great place for a day. Having stayed twice as a land based vacation and twice with Seadream, I love it.
  14. The USA is the only country that has ever prevented its citizens from going to Cuba. Other countries and many cruise lines have been going there for years. And US citizens also have gone there but only via another Caribbean island. It's a real shame because clearly it's been a great boon to the Cuban economy getting so many American visitors
  15. The penguins are EVERYWHERE! It's awesome! I can't wait to go back. I'll be on Fram and will be in the Drake Passage over New Year's!
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