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  1. Has anyone stayed at the Lanchid 19 Hotel on the opposite side of the river from the river boat piers?
  2. We were there in April. It was extremely foggy. Like most places in springtime some showers might be expected. The meal cooked over the steam was very good. It was not boiled. No problems walking.
  3. The song is Elise by Le Vent du Nord, recorded in 2009!
  4. Social media is "all about sharing information"! That is the whole purpose of Cruise Critic. Obviously, people have different opinions and can choose do what they want with the information. :)
  5. My results with nearly 1200 subscribers and over 1.2 million viewers has been totally different. Most people don't have a 2 or 3 hour attention span. However, if a person wants to preserve their fantastic memories on YouTube that is great. That is not my purpose of posting videos. I'm trying to provide a thumbnail overview for the masses, not a documentary. Happy Traveling and Viewing!
  6. In the past 10 years, I’ve posted 217 travel videos on Youtube and have tracked the analysis they have complied. The average view-time for a video has been 2 minutes, 22 seconds with the longest view-time being just under 4 minutes. When I first started posting, I would create one video for the entire trip that would run between 15 and 20 minutes. After reviewing the analysis, I realized that people on youtube generally have a short attention span and will not watch a long video, so I started dividing my videos into shorter segments of no more that 5 minutes. The result has been much more positive feedback. I hope this helps. Happy travels and happy video editing. Ron
  7. The music on the video was The Harshest Place On Earth from the March of the Penguins by Alex Wurman.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I love Venice. Sailing into and out of Venice is breath taking. What a great trip. When you get to Lucerne be sure and ride the cable car up Mt. Pilatus and take the cogwheel train down. Neat experience. I lived in the country club for 27 years, so I most likely knew your relatives. Gainesville is a great place to live - when I'm not traveling! :)
  9. We were there during the third week of June. We didn't take any tours in this port. Some of our fellow passengers disembarked at Hellesylt and took the bus excursion across the mountain to Geirange. The roads were clear, so they didn’t have a problem with snow. It was mainly just the top of the peaks that were still covered. From Geirranger we hiked up the mountain to the Flydalsjuvet Overlook. The scenery was just too beautiful to describe. I’m sure you will love the cruise. Hope this helps!
  10. Post-cruise excursion of Lucerne & Zurich after disembarking in Basel, Switzerland
  11. Excursion of Switzerland after disembarking in Basel from our Rhine River cruise.
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